10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

With August right around the corner, we’re definitely all starting to panic that we haven’t made the most of our summer. June and July always fly by, and we’re left with one month to make all of our winter daydreams come true. So, instead of panicking, start here! We made a list of 10 things you can do to finish of your summer with a bang!

boat day

Have a boat day

Nothing says summer like lounging on a boat with the ocean breeze flowing through your hair and the sun shining down. Grab your cutest suit and have a boat day. Don’t forget to pack the snacks and seltzers!

See a drive-in movie

This old school activity is the perfect summertime date! Bonus points if your boyfriend has a pickup truck – set up the bed with lots of blankets and pillows and  you’re good to go!

drive in movie
berry picking

Go berry picking

One of the best parts about summer is the yummy foods, especially the fresh fruits in season! And, there’s no fruit that’s more fresh than fruit that you’ve  picked right off the plant! We absolutely love all kinds of berries, especially raspberries!

Chase the sunset

It’s no secret that all of the best sunsets happen in the summertime. We’re especially lucky here at the Fifth & Ninth headquarters because we have the privilege of seeing the most magical beach sunsets at the end of every work day! So, pick a spot and chase the sun until it goes away for the night (and then do some star chasing).

sunset chasing
buy it

Buy that one thing you’ve been wanting

Come on, you know there’s at least one thing that’s been sitting in your cart online for way too long… buy it! Whether it’s our signature product, the beauty bank (which is an illuminating compact mirror that also serves as a portable charger) or a brand new iPhone case, just buy it! After a summer of hard work, you deserve it! #treatyoself

Shop The Beauty Bank

Attend an outdoor concert

Another summer classic activity is attending summer concerts – especially country concerts! Seriously, is there anything better than dancing around to Luke Bryan in your favorite pair of cut-off jean shorts and a  cold beer in your hand?!

outdoor concert

Get in the water

Whether it’s kayaking along the nearest river, waterskiing on your friend’s boat, or just jumping in the ocean… get in the water! There’s nothing like crunchy hair and salty skin!

Make the perfect summer cocktail

You probably have dozens of summer cocktail recipes saved on your Pinterest account, just waiting to be made. Well, now’s your time! Set some time aside to have a cocktail hour with your favorite girls and catch up on the drama of life. That frosé is calling your name, girl!

summer cocktail

Have a bonfire

Make sure you have at least one night filled with friends, family, and s’mores! Another must-do summer activity is sitting by the fire and sharing old stories with good friends. Don’t forget to set aside time for the people who mean the most to you!


Last but definitely not least, set aside alone time for YOU! Amongst the chaos of summer and trying to cram everything into such a small amount of time, don’t forget to give yourself a break to breathe. You deserve a day of relaxing by the pool with your favorite sunhat and your best playlist.

pool day

We hope you love these ideas for things to do before summer ends!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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