5 Must-Have Accessories for a Spring Getaway!

“Cannes” Sunnies

The right pair of sunnies can elevate your look with minimal effort. Our “Cannes” sunnies are perfect for a day by the pool, beach, or even to pair with a street style look.

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The Beauty Bank

Whether fixing your eyeshadow or making sure your lipstick is still in place, the Beauty Bank will keep you looking fresh day and night.

That’s just the half of it, though! Taking photos and documenting your time drains your phone battery like nothing else. Use the Beauty Bank to keep your phone charged up and to keep the pictures coming!


“Beauty Glass” Screen Protector

Heading to the beach and only want to take the essentials with you? By “essentials” we mean your phone.

Apply sunscreen to your face with your phone screen using our Beauty Glass mirrored screen protector.


Durable & Chic Phone Case

Protect your phone from drops up to 6ft after a long night at the bar with an ultra-protective case, while still nailing a mirror selfie with a trendy nude shade.

It’s really like having your cake and eating it too, if you ask us.

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Beach Bag

Lugging a beach bag around the resort is not ideal for anyone. Keep organized with our clear beach bag clutch

No more digging around with sandy hands trying to find your phone or sunnies. This clear clutch helps you get to the point.

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