5 Reasons To Not Use a Phone with A Cracked Screen

Cracked iPhone Screen

Does dropping your iPhone give you a mini heart attack? 

“Sh!t” is all you can think as it plummets to the floor, shattering the screen into a million little pieces and leaving you helpless.

Most of us move on with our day, continuing to use our damaged device. Even though, it’s actually unsafe to use a phone with a cracked screen. 

Did you know that 85% of smartphone owners drop their phones at least once a year?

Unfortunately, most aren’t protected by Tempered Glass.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t use a phone with a cracked screen:  

tempered glass 4

1. Your Phone May Stop Working All Together

If your phone has a broken screen, it’s likely that it will become less responsive. Eventually, your phone might stop working altogether! How can we take those killer selfies or answer all those Snapchats with a broken phone? That’s right you can’t! Protecting that iPhone with a Tempered Glass is sure to keep your phone in one piece and selfie ready! 

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2. No More Protection 

Your smartphone screen is like your skin and is as delicate as a mirror when it hits the ground.  It protects the inner workings of your iPhone, and who hasn’t used their iPhone’s screen as a mirror for their emergency lipstick touch-ups?

When your screen is left cracked, your morning Starbucks can also seep through the cracks and damage the inside. Keep your phone protected and your lipstick intact with our Beauty Glass.

Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 11.36.37 AM

3. Safety Hazard

Scrolling through Snapchats and Instagram can actually become hazardous to your health with a cracked screen! With a cracked phone screen, you put your fingers, and not to mention your fresh manicure at risk. If your phone screen has severe cracks, then you could possibly hurt yourself and limit yourself from social media… and who wants that? 

4. It’s hard to watch/like/follow/read with a cracked screen

iPhone displays are getting bigger, and the definition is getting better.  We are constantly watching YouTube Videos and editing pictures on our smartphone but that becomes nearly impossible with little cracks all over your screen. Moreover, it is less enjoyable surfing the web, reading articles or interacting on social media with a cracked screen.

ios 6 maps poi data

5. Handsfree Isn’t Hassle-free

Taking your eyes off the road while driving can be a major hazard and safety risk.  It might also be illegal. As more states ban holding smartphones while driving, using your phone’s GPS to help you navigate unfamiliar terrain becomes nearly impossible with a cracked screen.

Luckily, a small investment in a tempered glass screen protector or beauty glass can save you all this trouble!