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Alana Hadid x Fifth & Ninth

“I love fashion, and I really love how fashion can give you your own voice without ever opening your mouth.” – Alana Hadid

If you’re familiar with the world of fashion, chances are you’re constantly hearing about Gigi and Bella Hadid… but have you heard about their trendy older sister, Alana Hadid? Alana may have kept a lower profile than her sisters, but she has taken over the fashion world just the same. Currently, Alana works as a personal shopper, stylist and designer in the Los Angeles area. More importantly, she is known for being the Founder and Creative Director of brands: Current Moji, Hadid Eyewear, and La Detresse. Previously in her career, Alana was the face of clothing brand Lou & Grey, where she designed a line of sweatshirts and accessories.

Not only is Alana Hadid insanely talented and hardworking, but she is equally as kind and hilarious. Her personality really comes to life on her instagram account, @lanzybear, where she is constantly posting silly selfies and captions, amongst her assortment of high fashion snapshots. It is safe to say that we admire Alana Hadid, which is why we chose to have her create an iPhone case collection for Fifth & Ninth!

The Alana Hadid x Fifth & Ninth iPhone cases are available for the iPhone 6,6s,7,8 in regular and plus sizes, and the iPhone X.

Alana Hadid Real Talk iPhone Case


I actually tell people, “Don’t call me. I probably won’t answer.” My phone is my whole life–my calendar, my computer, my dictionary and fax machine. I use it for everything, but I probably only use it as a phone when I call my mom. – Alana Hadid

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Alana Hadid iPhone Case


Inspired by an embroidered sweater she saw a girl wearing while taking a cab ride through the city, Alana’s case sports the slogan “i’d be lost without you.”
Ironically, this saying isn’t referring to a person, but her iPhone, an item we would all be lost without!
The design of the case was inspired by a takeout bag sporting the colors red and pink, one of Alana’s favorite clashing color schemes. Overall, this case is Uber trendy and cool, just like Alana!

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