Alana Hadid designs trendy iphone case

Alana Hadid x Fifth & Ninth

Alana Hadid is more than just a famous last name — aside from being an older sister to Gigi and Bella Hadid, she is a talented personal shopper, stylist, and designer! Alana has created a capsule collection with us that will truly outweigh all expectations.

Alana designed two iconic phone cases in collaboration with Fifth & Ninth. The first phone case features one of Alana’s favorite pink and red clashing color schemes and sports the slogan “I would be lost without you.” Ironically, this saying isn’t referring to a person, but her iPhone, an item we would all be lost without!

Her second design is a monochromatic phone case inspired by how she uses her phone — as a device used for everything but calling people! These phone cases are super trendy and cool, just like Alana Hadid!

“My phone is my whole life — my calendar, my computer, my dictionary and fax machine. I use it for everything, but I probably only use it as a phone when I call my mom. The phrases on my cases show how I feel when I have my phone in my hand. In all honesty, I would be completely lost without my phone, and I think most people would agree!

These cases are something that I designed, love, and hope bring you as much joy as they do me. I hope these playful yet unconventional cases put a smile on your face and spark conversations with strangers.”

— Alana Hadid