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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use a Phone with A Cracked Screen


Does dropping your iPhone give you a mini heart attack? 

“Sh!t” is all you can think as it plummets to the floor, shattering the screen into a million little pieces and leaving you helpless.

Most of us move on with our day, continuing to use our damaged device. Even though, it’s actually unsafe to use a phone with a cracked screen. 

Did you know that 85% of smartphone owners drop their phones at least once a year?

Unfortunately, most aren’t protected by Tempered Glass.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t use a phone with a cracked screen:  


1. Your Phone May Stop Working All Together

If your phone has a broken screen, it’s likely that it will become less responsive. Eventually, your phone might stop working altogether! How can we take those killer selfies or answer all those Snapchats with a broken phone? That’s right you can’t! Protecting that iPhone with a Tempered Glass is sure to keep your phone in one piece and selfie ready! 

cracked screen

2. No More Protection 

Your smartphone screen is like your skin and is as delicate as a mirror when it hits the ground.  It protects the inner workings of your iPhone, and who hasn’t used their iPhone’s screen as a mirror for their emergency lipstick touch-ups?

When your screen is left cracked, your morning Starbucks can also seep through the cracks and damage the inside. Keep your phone protected and your lipstick intact with our Beauty Glass.

broken screen

3. Safety Hazard

Scrolling through Snapchats and Instagram can actually become hazardous to your health with a cracked screen! With a cracked phone screen, you put your fingers, and not to mention your fresh manicure at risk. If your phone screen has severe cracks, then you could possibly hurt yourself and limit yourself from social media… and who wants that? 

4. It’s hard to watch/like/follow/read with a cracked screen

iPhone displays are getting bigger, and the definition is getting better.  We are constantly watching YouTube Videos and editing pictures on our smartphone but that becomes nearly impossible with little cracks all over your screen. Moreover, it is less enjoyable surfing the web, reading articles or interacting on social media with a cracked screen.

5. Handsfree Isn’t Hassle-free

Taking your eyes off the road while driving can be a major hazard and safety risk.  It might also be illegal. As more states ban holding smartphones while driving, using your phone’s GPS to help you navigate unfamiliar terrain becomes nearly impossible with a cracked screen.

Luckily, a small investment in a tempered glass screen protector or beauty glass can save you all this trouble! 

The Ultimate Makeover For Your iPhone

ultimate makeover

Given that Summer is here and we are just getting passed the uproar of the newest launches of new iPhones, there’s that inevitable pressure to upgrade your current “boring” iPhone for something cutting edge and fresh, even if your wallets scream from even the thought. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to breathe new life into even an older phone or even maybe a new one; and that is with a brand new, trendy phone case. Picking out a new case is sure to make your phone go from drab to fab in just a matter of seconds! Not to mention, a new iPhone case doubles as your newest fashion accessory and has the ability to make your wardrobe make a statement. Here are just some ways that you can give your iPhone a makeover and even maybe your style a makeover too.

Amethyst Agate Case-$25

Firstly, Amethyst Agate is perfect for when you want to spice up your phone for the warm weather! It’s muted pink and lilac tones make your iPhone subtly girly, yet fresh! This makeover not only upgrades your phone but your mood too! Being inspired by the Amethyst stone itself, it too gives off the calming and relaxing vibes! This case is sure to not only protect your phone, but make it look brand new!

Shop Amethyst Agate

Queen Bee Case- $25

Next on the list, makeover your phone in a big way with a designer inspired phone case! The Queen Bee phone case was inspired by no other than the Gucci  bee, which means you can truly upgrade your phone in a big way without breaking the bank! Sometimes it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to completely transform your phone! And, don’t forget to charge your iPhone with our Beauty Bank, illuminating compact mirror, to make sure your newly made over iPhone is ready for all those Queen Bee selfies.

Shop Queen Bee

Rose Quartz Case- $25

Thirdly, keeping your phone up to date with the newest and greatest trends will definitely makeover your phone! The Rose Quartz phone case was inspired by the trend and obsession with the rose quartz crystals that occurred during the launch of Kim K’s last fragrance. In addition to keeping your phone up to date, rose quartz is known for its healing abilities and this phone is ready to emit just that.

Shop Rose Quartz

Walking on Rainbows Case- $30

What better way to make your phone look fresh and brand new? The Walking on Rainbows case is sure to transform your phone to look like you just stepped out of the Apple store. Not to mention, this bold design will just add to your natural effervescence; and if you’ve yet to hop on the rainbow train, keeping a colored case close to you will help you look on the bright side of things!

Shop Walking on Rainbows

Rose Gold Drip- $30

Lastly, transforming your phone with a unique and edgy phone case is sure to upgrade your phone from function to fashion. Use your phone for more than just making phone calls, use it as your go to accessory. Making over your phone, makes it easy to also make over any outfit with this newfound fashion accessory. This amazing lip art is the perfect inspiration for any makeup look! And, if you get inspired by your new phone case to switch up your makeup, don’t forget to check it out in our Beauty Glass.

Shop rose gold drip

We hope this gives you inspiration to makeover your entire phone and provide yourself with a brand new fashion accessory!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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VladaMUA’s Drop With Smashbox Cosmetics


VladaMUA’s Drop With Smashbox Cosmetics Matches Our Limited Edition Rose Gold Drip Cases!

Our partner, Vlada Haggerty, known on Instagram as vladamua, has just launched her very own SmashBox Cosmetics Collection titled; Petal Metal. This collection includes shimmer drops, highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and eye shadow palettes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this collection, it was inspired by Vlada’s infamous rose gold lip design. Consequently, The Fifth & Ninth team is so in love with this new product line because it reminds us of our Rose Gold Drip case made in collaboration with Vlada herself!

On August 1st, Fifth & Ninth launched the InstaGlam Collection! This collection featured a line of iPhone cases made in collaboration with social media influencers. For this collection, Vlada created a line of 5 iPhone cases with us! One of her most popular cases featured her infamous rose gold lip art! As a result, many famous influencers were spotted using this beautiful case!


Los Angeles based beauty blogger, Alexandra Anele, with the Rose Gold Drip case! Most noteworthy, Alexandra is known for working with cosmetics companies such as Becca, Smashbox, and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Furthermore, to get some beauty advice and how-to’s from Alexandra herself, check out her YouTube page titled, Alexandranele.


Miami based fashion and lifestyle blogger, Monica Hill, with the Rose Gold Drip case! Monica often sports Vlada’s cases including the Red Drip case!

In addition, to learn more of Monica’s fashion favorites, check out her Instagram page, @glambymoni. Not only does she talk fashion, but she also gives great beauty and fitness advice!


Beauty and lifestyle blogger Anna Ovsjankina with the Rose Gold Drip case! Anna is known for her Youtube channel, Estonianna, which has over 700k followers!

Most noteworthy, she also has an Instagram page where she shares beauty, fashion, and motherhood advice! In addition, we’ll let you in on a fun fact- she is good friends with Vlada herself!

Shop rose gold drip case now!

In conclusion, we love nothing more than girl bosses like Vladamua, who achieve their goals everyday! We’re happy that we have a little piece of her incredible artwork showcased through our phone cases and can’t wait to see what she does next! 

In addition, are you interested in seeing more of Vladamua’s iPhone case collection? Click the link here to shop more now!

Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing the inspiration behind our iPhone case collections, check out our pinterest board by clicking the link here. 


Fifth & Ninth Squad

5 Items That Will Give Your Work Wardrobe a Refresher

spring wardrobe

As spring weather is quickly approaching, we are patiently waiting to update our spring wardrobe. Being stuck with the chill of the lingering winter, we’ve been wearing the same turtleneck, sweaters, and booties in our wardrobe for as long as we can remember. But as the temperature finally starts to rise, we can finally start to get excited about picking out our spring outfits for work! These are some items that are sure to upgrade your wardrobe and keep you looking fresh for all your work days this spring!

Spring Mules


Add mules to any work wardrobe to stay professional yet trendy at the same time! They are comfortable and come in many different styles and colors making it easy to pair them with any outfit! When it comes to freshening up your outfits for Spring, mules do just that!

Shop Mules

A Fresh Pair of Sunnies

Our brand new line of sunglasses, is the perfect way to freshen up any outfit! With the sunshine blazing and warm weather approaching, sunglasses are the perfect accessories. Our sunglasses have many different styles and colors which are perfect for any face shape! Shop them now!

Shop Sunnies
duster coat

A Light Trench/Duster Jacket 

With the seasons just beginning to turn, we still bear some chilly mornings and chilly nights, which makes a stylish and trendy light trench or duster jacket the perfect add on to any wardrobe! Long jackets in varying colors give your outfit the right amount of drama but also keep you right on trend!

Shop Trench Coats & Dusters

Culotte Pants 

These flare, flirty, and capri style pants are just classy enough for the office but keep you just as stylish as the girl on the go! Airy and light for spring time but can transition into an occasion! Perfect way to trade in your pleated dress pants for a fun alternative!

Culotte Pants
Shop Culotte Pants
trendy backpacks

Trendy Backpack

Trade in the briefcase for a trendy little backpack! A small backpack is the new way to accessorize and will keep you fresh and on trend for the office on Monday and will take you right in evening wear on Friday night!

Shop Trendy Backpacks

Shop all these looks to keep your work wardrobe right on trend!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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