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5 Ways To Refresh Your Work Wardrobe

5 ways refresh your wardrobe

As spring weather is quickly approaching, we are patiently waiting to update our spring wardrobe. Being stuck with the chill of the lingering winter, we’ve been wearing the same turtleneck, sweaters, and booties in our wardrobe for as long as we can remember. But as the temperature finally starts to rise, we can finally start to get excited about picking out our spring outfits for work! These are some items that are sure to upgrade your wardrobe and keep you looking fresh for all your work days this spring!

Untitled design 27


Add mules to any work wardrobe to stay professional yet trendy at the same time! They are comfortable and come in many different styles and colors making it easy to pair them with any outfit! When it comes to freshening up your outfits for Spring, mules do just that!

Shop Mules

A Fresh Pair of Sunnies

Our brand new line of sunglasses, is the perfect way to freshen up any outfit! With the sunshine blazing and warm weather approaching, sunglasses are the perfect accessories. Our sunglasses have many different styles and colors which are perfect for any face shape! Shop them now!

Untitled design 28
Shop Sunnies
Untitled design 29

A Light Trench/Duster Jacket 

With the seasons just beginning to turn, we still bear some chilly mornings and chilly nights, which makes a stylish and trendy light trench or duster jacket the perfect add on to any wardrobe! Long jackets in varying colors give your outfit the right amount of drama but also keep you right on trend!

Shop Trench Coats & Dusters

Culotte Pants 

These flare, flirty, and capri style pants are just classy enough for the office but keep you just as stylish as the girl on the go! Airy and light for spring time but can transition into an occasion! Perfect way to trade in your pleated dress pants for a fun alternative!

Untitled design 30
Shop Culotte Pants
Untitled design 31

Trendy Backpack

Trade in the briefcase for a trendy little backpack! A small backpack is the new way to accessorize and will keep you fresh and on trend for the office on Monday and will take you right in evening wear on Friday night!

Shop Trendy Backpacks

Shop all these looks to keep your work wardrobe right on trend!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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5 Tricks That Will Make Applying Your Eyeliner Easier

fifth and ninth makeup eyeliner tricks 1

Not everyone’s a makeup artist, but we all like to look our best! We’re here to share our five best eyeliner tricks so you can look fierce and fabulous whether it’s a day at the office or a girl’s night out! We also know time is limited these days, so we promise our tricks won’t take any longer than 3 minutes. Also, we know the budget doesn’t always allow top line products so we’re giving you the low down on our drug-store favorites that get the job done!


1. Use Tape as a Stencil

Whether you’re just bad at applying your liner, or you can’t seem to make your two eyes even, we’ve got the perfect hack for you! The solution to your problems is scotch tape! Start by sticking a piece of tape on the side of your face, right along your bottom lash line. The beauty of this technique is that you can decide the angle that you want your liner to follow, making it as dramatic or subtle as you like. Simply trace along the side of the tape until you are satisfied with the line you just created. When you finally peel off the tape, you’ll be left with a perfect line! And the best part is that you can do the exact same thing on the other eye for a flawlessly symmetric look!

2. Use a Q-Tip to Fix Mistakes

If you’re not using some kind of stencil or guideline, it can be pretty tough to apply the perfect line. So, in the case of mistakes, unsteady hands, and smudges, we have another solution: the almighty Q-Tip. If you dip your q-tip in a little petroleum jelly and apply it to the smudged, uneven area, your mistakes will disappear! Or, if you don’t want to leave a glossy residue, dip your q-tip in your concealer instead and use it as a tool to cover up your tiny little mistake!  No one will ever know that you even messed up!

3. Use a Smudge Brush to Even Out Liner

Another solution if you’re prone to shaking hands is a smudge brush! If you’ve created a shaky line, simply use a smudge brush to blend the application into a straighter line! While the q-tip trick is probably better for someone who wants a thin, crisp line, this trick can be used if you’re going for something a little edgier.

4. Trace Your Lash Line with Pencil Liner First

Maybe you’re fairly confident in your ability to apply eyeliner, but you’re just not sure exactly what look you’re going for yet, or how it will look. You might want to trace your lash line with a pencil eyeliner first, since these allow for more control. You can even use a lighter color that will still show up, but won’t be a commitment. Once you’ve lined your eyes with the pencil liner, you can go in with the liquid liner and trace the stencil that you just created. This way, you can plan your look before you execute!

5. Put Eyeliner on Your Eyelash Curler for a Perfect Straight Line

Last but definitely not least, this tip is perfect for the girl who’s always on the go and crunched for time! Simply apply your eyeliner directly onto the metal part of your lash curler that touches your lash line. We recommend using a pencil for best results, and then you can go back in and trace over your line with liquid liner afterwards. When you press the lash curler to your lid, the liner will imprint onto your skin and you’ll be left with a beautiful line! Like magic!

We hope you found these eyeliner tips useful! If you’re interested in some of our favorite eyeliners, we’ve listed a few below!

Want to do these eyeliner tricks but don’t have the proper products? Click the photos for shoppable links to purchase our team’s fave eyeliners!

Untitled design 14 2
Untitled design 15 1
Screen Shot 2018 04 05 at 1.16.14 PM

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5 Swimsuits You Need For This Summer

swimsuits you need for summer fifth and ninth

As summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the things that really matter: swimsuits! This year, you’re definitely going to need to revamp your collection, so we did a little searching to take the weight off of your shoulders! Whether you’re looking forward to boat days or beach days, we’ve compiled a list of this season’s top swimsuit trends for your Summer 2018. So, take a look below at our top swimsuit picks for the upcoming season!


High cut one piece

High Cut One Piece


First of all, one pieces are probably our favorite trend of the summer- especially with a high cut! In addition to being full coverage, this style is flattering on every figure and will showcase all of your best features. Furthermore, this color scream summer! As a result, this style swimsuit will definitely become a staple to your swimwear collection!

High waisted bandeau

High Waisted Bandeau Bikini


We’ve seen this style everywhere and we just can’t get enough! High waisted suits are back, and they’re flattering and trendy all at once! We love the way these bottoms accentuate curves, and the top is simple yet chic!

Off the shoulder

Off-The-Shoulder Bikini


This swimsuit trend brings one of our favorite top styles to the beach! It’s the perfect way to dress up any swimwear look, and it pairs perfectly with plain, simple bottoms. Therefore, this style is bound to become one of your go-to’s for hanging at the beach!

V underwire

V Underwire Bikini


This swimsuit is more of a statement look, and we’re obsessed! While it may be a little harder to pull off than some of the other trends this year, this to is sure to turn some heads! In addition, the underwire will act as a push up!


Scallop Bikini

Urban Outfitters

We love how classic this swim look is, and it can be found in nearly every color. This one in particular incorporates the high waisted trend, as well, so it really can’t get any better than this.

What’s in our beach bag?

Furthermore, we can’t talk swimsuits without sharing our must-haves for a day at the beach! We pack our bag with these four essential products: our F&N Beauty Bank, our F&N Tulum sunnies, Evian facial spray, and in addition, Glossier daily sunscreen!

Glossier Sunscreen
Tulum sunnies
beauty bank


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In addition, we love hearing your feedback! If you have any swimsuit suggestions or questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Our Newest Collections on The Rhode Show!

Rhode Show


Our Creative Director, Bryce Mcgillivray, showcases our new accessories for spring on today’s The Rhode Show! With warm weather right around the corner, Bryce showed The Rhode Show’s Michaela Johnson Fifth and Ninth’s newest addition, SUNGLASSES! Our new sunnies are great for the spring/summer weather and for any and every face shape. Not to mention our new phone cases that double as one of our favorite accessories!

WPRI’s The Rhode Show is Southern New England’s #1 lifestyle and entertainment show. They represent local lifestyle and entertainment for everyone in New England. In addition to this, they offer local professionals the opportunity to display what is up and coming and today Fifth and Ninth’s very own, Bryce Mcgillivray, was able to let New England in on the latest trends for  spring!

Here at Fifth and Ninth we are so ready for the switch from bootie to sandal weather and want you to be able to pair all your springtime outfit choices with any sunglass pair of your choice. From the Capri to Calabasas sunnies you can never go wrong! Furthermore, each pair of sunglasses comes in different colors with a customized microfiber pouch that not only keeps your glasses scratch free when you through them in your bag, but doubles as a cleaning cloth.

Untitled design 19

But let’s not forget about our newest cases that are also easily paired with every springtime outfit! On today’s show we also showcased out newest collection of iPhone cases, the Stone Cold Collection! Each and every one of our custom cases is perfect to break out when the weather gets warm because Fifth and Ninth believes that your cell phone case should be one of your best accessories!

Shop all our new collections to make sure you’re right on trend for approaching warm weather!