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5 Must-Follow Spring 2019 Trends

5 Spring 2019 Trends

Spring has sprung and that means ditching our bulky parkas, sipping on some fruity cocktails, and more importantly, keeping up with the latest spring trends. Nobody wants to be the friend who’s always asking “wait, can I wear this or is this too 2015?”. You want to be the friend that is up to date with all things fashion. I mean that’s why you’re reading this, right?! We want to make sure you have the perfect Fifth & Ninth products to ensure you are the trendy and fashion forward friend this spring!

Spring 2019 Trends Metalic Blush

Trend: Metalic Blush

As we all know, pink is a staple spring color. However, with the introduction of Metallic Blush this season, things are switching up. Lucky for you our Liane V X Fifth & Ninth collab is perfect for this trend. Liane V. “Positive Vibes” and “Inspire” Rose Gold Mirror iPhone Cases are a great addition to any springtime outfit. As an added bonus, these reflective cases doubles as a mirror, because, well convenience is key!

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Spring 2019 Trends Nude

Trend: Nudes

Nudes, Nudes and more Nudes! This spring, beige and earth tones are giving bright colors a run for their money. Keep it simple and chic with “Naked” and “Taupeless” from our Nudes Collection. They are the perfect cases to compliment any outfit.

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Spring 2019 Trends Pastels 2

Trend: Pastels

No spring wardrobe is complete without some pastel colored pieces! Our “Kiss My Touche” cases in Sky Blue and Bubblegum are the perfect cases to add a pop of color to any outfit without going overboard!

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Spring 2019 Trends Color blocking

Trend: Color-blocking

If you’ve been paying attention to the runways, you may have noticed that color-blocking is gearing up to be one of the biggest trends of Spring 2019. This trend is easy to follow with our color-blocking inspired cases; “Walking On Rainbows” and “Real Talk”. Trust us you don’t want to miss out on this trend!

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Spring 2019 Trends Transparent 2

Trend: Transparent

It’s clear that the transparent trend has no intentions of slowing down any time soon. From shoes to jackets, and accessories, the transparent trend is everywhere and are so here for it. Keep your iPhone looking clean and crisp, with our transparent “Bare” iPhone Case. Bare is the perfect phone case to match every outfit while making sure you are staying on trend.

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5 Must-Have Accessories for a Spring Getaway!

Spring Break Must Haves 1 min
Cannes Tort

“Cannes” Sunnies

The right pair of sunnies can elevate your look with minimal effort. Our “Cannes” sunnies are perfect for a day by the pool, beach, or even to pair with a street style look.

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Scotty Cunha1
Liane V Positive Vibes iPhone Case and Cannes Sunglasses Homepage
Fifth Ninth sunnies 5 min
Untitled design 22 min

The Beauty Bank

Whether fixing your eyeshadow or making sure your lipstick is still in place, the Beauty Bank will keep you looking fresh day and night.

That’s just the half of it, though! Taking photos and documenting your time drains your phone battery like nothing else. Use the Beauty Bank to keep your phone charged up and to keep the pictures coming!

Beauty Bank 2 min
illuminating beauty back compact mirror3
Fifth Ninth beauty bank portable charger 1 min
Beauty Glass

“Beauty Glass” Screen Protector

Heading to the beach and only want to take the essentials with you? By “essentials” we mean your phone.

Apply sunscreen to your face with your phone screen using our Beauty Glass mirrored screen protector.

Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 12.06.35 PM
Brand Ambassador
Exposed Case fifth ninth

Durable & Chic Phone Case

Protect your phone from drops up to 6ft after a long night at the bar with an ultra-protective case, while still nailing a mirror selfie with a trendy nude shade.

It’s really like having your cake and eating it too, if you ask us.

Naked iPhone Case Nudes Collection
Nudes Collection Bare It All 1
@thatsninaa 3 min
Dont Need You bag

Beach Bag

Lugging a beach bag around the resort is not ideal for anyone. Keep organized with our clear beach bag clutch

No more digging around with sandy hands trying to find your phone or sunnies. This clear clutch helps you get to the point.

Fifth Ninth Beach Bag A Bunch of SHT I dont need. min
clear bag a bunch of shit I dont need min
clear bag


Ill Have What Shes Having 2
Treat your phone like your skin 397 x 268 01

To say that I’m obsessed with my phone is an understatement. I’m incredibly cautious about potential drops, bangs and scratches. Absolutely everything I can do to protect it and extend its life, I do. Screen protector? Got it. Portable charger for when the battery dies while I’m on the go? Wouldn’t leave home without it. A drop tested case? Nothing less. I don’t find this at all excessive. In fact, there is good reason why I’m so protective.

I completely destroyed every phone that I had through my teenage years and early twenties. The end result was lost photos, days out of touch and no communication, and of course the financial burden of having to replace phone after phone.

Many years and countless phones later, I can now say my current phone is over 4 years old and in no need of an upgrade anytime soon. This is largely because of the onerous pursuit of finding the best products to avoid all the expensive mistakes I’ve made in the past.

Beauty Glass
Beauty Glass
mirror + screen protection all in one

Would you go to the beach without sunscreen? For me, it’s a hard NO. For some, they learn after getting burnt for the 10th time. That’s how I feel about screen protectors. We all drop our phones, it’s inevitable. Sure, you can replace your screen if it happens, but then you have to worry about the refurbished screen working properly, paying the fee…it’s just over a nuisance. We neglect our screens until we realize how important protecting that delicate glass is. Through the years I’ve tried and tested different brands, similarly to sunscreen, but my holy grail is the Beauty Glass. Not only does it protect my phone and take the beating for my screen, but it also doubles as a mirror so I can lock my screen and check that fresh coat of lipstick I just applied.

The Beauty Bank
Beauty BANK
mirror + portable charger + Light ring
all in one

While my obsessive pursuit started with protection, I quickly realized there was no point of protecting a phone that was dead every time I went to use it!  Whether it’s checking emails, catching up on Instagram, watching your favorite YouTuber explain to you how to apply false lashes, or the hour conversation on FaceTime you just had with your bestie… your battery can only withstand so much activity before you get the dreaded low battery push notification. For me, not just any portable charger was worth adding to my already overfilled (and heavy) handbag. A portable charger that gives you three different (and important) uses in one – now we’re talking.

Exposed Case fifth ninth
all in one

Since we’re on the topic of skincare and skin protection, how many times do we apply sunscreen at the beach and end up sleeping on our stomachs for the rest of the month because we totally forgot to cover our backs. The face of your phone isn’t the only side that needs protection! Not only does a protective case take the blunt of almost every single fall, but since most of the newer phone models are being made with primarily glass, it’s a non-negotiable accessory. I’ve searched the market high and low for a case that was slim, light- weight, matched my vibe, and protected my phone from my clumsy moments. Our phone cases serve all of those purposes, but now you can even unintentionally give back when you buy one! It’s all about the multi-purpose accessories in 2019!


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentines day designer iPhone

The most romantic holiday of all is upon us, and quite frankly we are all sick and tired of the clichés surrounding Valentines Day. Women no longer want the habitual, Hallmark gifts- the flowers, jewelry and chocolate. As for the guys in our lives, it’s a struggle every year to get them a gift that still makes them feel macho on such a mushy day. All this mindless gifting can ruin the feeling of thoughtfulness and appreciation that Valentine’s Day was meant to bring out.

Lucky for you, we have the perfect budget-friendly gift guide that will make your Babe feel like you were really thinking about them this year.

For the Motivated Couple…

Do you love waking up early together, working out  with each other, or just supporting each other’s passions on the daily? These inspirational cases are the perfect way to show your how much you appreciate your significant other.

For the Travelers…

Whether you’re just going on a road trip or traveling somewhere tropical, your partner-in-crime will appreciate having a portable charger or genuine leather chargers to remind them of how you always keep them on-the-go.

For the Hopeless Romantics…

You love to send each other mushy texts, take cute kissing pics, and your phone background is probably a picture of you two together… so why not get your boo a case to protect the device that keeps all the archives of your love.

For the Colorful Couple…

You bring out the light in each other and you aren’t afraid to be playful and fun. Gift your Valentine something that will make them #shinebright.

For the Hippie Lovers…

If your ideal date would be contemplating life under the stars, or picnic-ing out of a Volkswagen Van, then these cases are sure to fit your relationship’s positive vibes.

For the Boujee Couple…

For you two, there’s nothing like putting on your fanciest get-up and dining out at a 5 star restaurant. Deck your BAE out in a pair of fresh shades or a case that reminds them of their favorite designer.

For the Minimalists…

Your love is simple in the best way possible. You don’t like to over complicate things or over accessorize, which is why you just get buy jewelry again this Valentine’s day. Your better half is sure to love a gift that is practical and unique like a case from our Nudes Collection.

The Clumsy Couple…

If you two fell in love (literally) then the best gift you can give your clumsy Cutie is something to protect their most expensive, every-day accessory, their phone. Gift them one of our anti-shock cases, or if they take clumsy to a whole new level, then go big with our tempered glass screen protector subscription.

The Food Lovers…

Besides each other, the thing you think about the most is food. Get your Hungry Hunny a case that looks so delicious that every time they see it, they’ll want to text you to get some food.

Single? Be your own Valentine and pick out something you love!