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QUIZ: What should you be for Halloween 2019?!

Fashion trends

Not sure what to be for Halloween 2019!? We’ve got your answer with this 5 question quiz!

1. How would you best describe yourself?

a. fun and outgoing

b. calm and organized

c. busy and hard working

d. open- minded and free willed

2. Which friend are you?

a. leader of the group, all attention on you 

b. book smart, go to for help with homework

c. Supportive advice giver, the mom friend

d. wild child, keeps everyone on their toes

3. Which best describes your everyday fashion choices?

a. very fashion forward 

b. comfy, stick to basics

c. work wear/uniform

d. whatever is clean

4. What is your favorite thing about fall?

a. grabbing a pumpkin latte 

b. scary movie nights

c. baking an apple pie

d. corn mazes and apple picking 

5. Where are you going for halloween?

a. a club or bar 

b. a work office party 

c. handing out candy at home

d. a house party 

paris hilton sequin dress

Mostly A’s

You should definitely go as your favorite celebrity this halloween! Whether it’s the Iconic Paris Hilton sequin dress or Kim Kardashian’s monochrome biker look, grab your girls and hit the town! You’ll, for sure, be the center of attention looking like you’re as famous as a Kardashian!

black cat costume

Mostly B’s

You can never go wrong with a basic black cat. Pair your favorite black skirt and shirt with a cat ear headband and you’re ready to go! Comfy, cute, and on the safe side, just how you like it! The black cat costume makes for a perfect Halloween 2019!

Wonder Woman costume

Mostly C’s

The girl boss you are would wear nothing less than a Wonder Woman Costume this halloween! Make a strong statement with the knee high red boots and WW logo, no one will mess with you this halloween!

gypsy halloween costume

Mostly D’s

Own your wild child side! Go as a Fortune Teller! Being a child at heart, you could go as anything this Halloween but a Fortune Teller will really bring out who you really are, a free spirit! Plus, our Copper Luxe case would be the perfect finishing touch for a gypsy fortune teller costume this Halloween 2019! 

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Fashion trends
Are you struggling with what to be this Halloween? No need to stress, here at F&N, we have trendy last-minute Halloween costumes for you! Our products will be the perfect accessory to your Halloween costume. Check below to see the hottest trends based off of our products.
Euphoria Makeup


This is one of the hottest trends in the fashion and beauty world this year. The glittery and moody outfits and makeup are so unique and this Halloween, it will for sure be the biggest costume trends. Our products complement these character personas and style perfectly. Maddy’s bold use of color and rhinestones would go perfectly with and Vladamua cases, for instance the Bee Kind or Bedazzled Cases. Jules sweet, but troubled side similarly pairs with our Vladamua Rose Gold Drip and Honey Comb Case. And Zendaya’s character, Rue perfectly imitates our Onyx iPhone Case with her dark side. 

Flapper Costume

1920s Flapper

Let’s take it back to the 20s, the Great Gatsby era! Find your Jay Gatsby with a 1920s flapper costume. Elegance, fierceness, and style is what you will embody when you pair our Jeanette Getrost Fashion iPhone Case with your costume. What you’ll need: a flapper style dress, bring the glitz, glam, and your new F&N phone case. We promise you, you’ll be the most stylish at the party.  

kylie jenner inspired iphone cases

Kylie Jenner

Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire!? Halloween is the perfect time for you to be the one and only Kylie Jenner. Her style and lifestyle is so fascinating, who wouldn’t want to be her for a night?! All you would need for this costume is your most stylish outfit that shows off your curves, and our Kylie iPhone Case. Another alternative is our Girl Boss iPhone Case, because after all… Kylie is the ultimate girl boss. Top this look with flawless makeup, and do not forget those LIPS!

Kim Kardashian biker shorts

Kim Kardashian West

Want to do a duo costume with your best friend or sister!? Kim Kardashian is another icon of this generation, whose style empowers all. Our Tokyo sunglasses are the perfect KKW inspired accessory. A few outfit ideas are a Yeezy inspired outfit. Find the trendiest monochromatic outfit that will accentuate your curves. Or a pair of biker shorts, crop top, heels, 30 inch hair, and our F&N Tokyo Sunnies. You and “Kylie” will be the hottest at the party, just trust us!

Clueless Costume


Everyone’s favorite 90s style icon is Cher from Clueless. Her personality resonates in us all, and perfectly describes exactly how we are feeling! This 90s inspired costume pays tribute to one of the most classic movies to watch. Scotty Cunha’s “Wait, What” Case describes us on our phone. Channel your inner Cher with the classic yellow plaid set and our case!

Gypsy Costume


The Hoodwitch case collection is filled with 5 different cases all designed and inspired around crystals and healing. A classic, yet iconic costume is a Gypsy. You can play this costume up with golden makeup and a striking outfit. Top the outfit off with one of our cases from the Hoodwitch collection. Check out one of our personal favs, Rose Quartz!


5 Fall Activities To Do This Season

fall actives

With the end-of-summer blues looming overhead, we have the perfect fall activities to get you excited for the upcoming season!

girl apple picking

Apple Picking… Obviously

Not only is apple picking a plus for your instagram feed, it’s also a perfect way to enjoy some of our favorite fall-time foods. You can make a day of it ending with baking (and eating) an apple pie. Use your (Fifth and Ninth covered) phone to find a recipe for apple pie. Two perfect fall activities joined into one day! 

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Fifth & Ninth Sunglasses

Getting Lost in a Corn Maze

Honestly the best part of a corn maze is getting lost in one. Not only do the stalks make for another amazing photo backdrop, how about taking advantage of the crisp fall air, especially if you get lost in there for a while. Pick a perfect fall day with a breeze and sunshine to ensure maximum enjoyment. Definitely grab our Hidden Hills sunnies to block the sun while making (or not making) your way through this fall activity! 

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friends movie night

(Scary) Movie Night

As the weather gets cooler, the blankets get heavier, and the movies get scarier. You will definitely need some company for this fall activity so grab some friends and check out New Horror Movie Release Dates  for some upcoming scary movies! Be sure to grab a pair of our blue light blocking glasses so your eyes are protected through every fall movie night.

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Neutral Nails

We love having our nail poslish match the season. Summer is over, as are the neon pink, green, and yellow polishes. It’s time to bring back the fall neutrals. Grab a girlfriend, one of our Nudes cases, and hit the nail salon to add some fall neutrals to your everyday look. Getting your nails done may be an activity for any season, but sticking to neutrals easily makes it one of our top five fall activities. 

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lattes and pie

Enjoying Fall Specialty Food and Drink

If you’re anything like us and have been dreaming of pumpkin muffins and apple cider since August, try hitting your local cafe to curb those fall cravings. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, local cafes are pulling out all the stops to make this fall more delicious than ever. Grabbing a pumpkin latte and doing some work on your laptop (obviously using the Cupertino glasses) makes for a chill, relaxing fall activity. 

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Eupeoran Vacation

Fifth and Ninth’s Guide to A PERFECT EUROPEAN VACATION:

Whether you are travelling to the Tower of London or the Eiffel Tower, make your travel pre-departure less hectic and use our Packing List to remember must-have essentials for your European vacation!

Our products are trendy and functional for girls on the go!

three cases

Pretty & Protective Phone case

Whether on a European vacation or studying abroad, up your mirror selfie game with our aesthetically pleasing cases! Your options are endless, choose from one of our fun summer prints or go for a simple color from our Nudes collection!

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