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5 Must-Have Accessories for a Spring Getaway!

Spring Break Must Haves 1 min
Cannes Tort

“Cannes” Sunnies

The right pair of sunnies can elevate your look with minimal effort. Our “Cannes” sunnies are perfect for a day by the pool, beach, or even to pair with a street style look.

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Scotty Cunha1
Liane V Positive Vibes iPhone Case and Cannes Sunglasses Homepage
Fifth Ninth sunnies 5 min
Untitled design 22 min

The Beauty Bank

Whether fixing your eyeshadow or making sure your lipstick is still in place, the Beauty Bank will keep you looking fresh day and night.

That’s just the half of it, though! Taking photos and documenting your time drains your phone battery like nothing else. Use the Beauty Bank to keep your phone charged up and to keep the pictures coming!

Beauty Bank 2 min
illuminating beauty back compact mirror3
Fifth Ninth beauty bank portable charger 1 min
Beauty Glass

“Beauty Glass” Screen Protector

Heading to the beach and only want to take the essentials with you? By “essentials” we mean your phone.

Apply sunscreen to your face with your phone screen using our Beauty Glass mirrored screen protector.

Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 12.06.35 PM
Brand Ambassador
Exposed Case fifth ninth

Durable & Chic Phone Case

Protect your phone from drops up to 6ft after a long night at the bar with an ultra-protective case, while still nailing a mirror selfie with a trendy nude shade.

It’s really like having your cake and eating it too, if you ask us.

Naked iPhone Case Nudes Collection
Nudes Collection Bare It All 1
@thatsninaa 3 min
Dont Need You bag

Beach Bag

Lugging a beach bag around the resort is not ideal for anyone. Keep organized with our clear beach bag clutch

No more digging around with sandy hands trying to find your phone or sunnies. This clear clutch helps you get to the point.

Fifth Ninth Beach Bag A Bunch of SHT I dont need. min
clear bag a bunch of shit I dont need min
clear bag

The Best Tech Accessory Combos For Your Lifestyle

the best combos
Stylish iPhone Cases

Posted:  01.17.2019

Whether you’re fun and playful or simple and minimal, there is a phone case or accessory that fits your lifestyle and personality. A lot of times we find that purchasing a phone case is a last minute, in the check-out line decision.

Either it just catches your eye, or you think it looks somewhat protective, there’s something that draws you to your phone case and the reason you choose to carry it around every single day. Ahead, we’ve narrowed down our favorites for each personality type, lifestyle and activity level.


For those that need a little extra support, we get it! As much as we hate to admit it, our phones are constantly in the palms of our hands. Whether we are at the gym, on a hike, or trying to reach our Apple Watch steps, the chances of an unfortunate drop are extremely high and have happened far too many times. If this is you, here is the combo we’ve come up with to alleviate some of the pressure.

Our ultra-protective Anti-Shock Clear Case and Screen Protector are both going to provide you with the highest level of protection, but are not going to give you the bulk and weight of a traditional protective phone accessory. This combo makes staying active and fit, while remaining realistic about your daily routine an easier and stress-free lifestyle to follow.

protective iPhone case


Fifth Ninth Beauty Glass min
Untitled design min 1
trending iphone case crystals


Finding a phone case that serves more of a purpose than just protecting your phone is like looking for the needle in a hackstack. But, the needle exists – It’s the BEE KIND case . We teamed up with @VLADAMUA and created a case that’s beautiful on the outside and supports a beautiful charity at the same time.

With every “Bee Kind” case purchase, we donate a portion of sales to the Honey Love Bee Keepers mission to saving the honey bees. Take your phone case purchase a step further and save a honey bee while you’re at it!

active fitness cases

@nextbynicole – Miss USA Contestant


Is you phone is more prone to dying when you need it the most, than it is just “slipping” out of your hands? These days, we’re finding our battery cannot keep up with our daily usage.

This is where a multi-functional portable charger comes in. Not only does our Beauty Bank come in handy when our phone battery starts dwindling during a busy day, but it also fits perfectly in the smallest handbags and can be used as a compact mirror (with a light!) when needed during the day or night. It’s truly the perfect product for the girl on the go who hates when lipstick starts smudging on her front teeth – are we right?

The Beauty Bank isn’t the only product that will save your from walking around with a red lip smudge smile! Let’s cue in the Beauty Glass. We really love multifunctional products so this one is a team favorite. The Beauty Glass is a screen protector for your phone during use, but it’s also a mirror when your phone is in lock-mode. Forget opening up your camera to check your fresh pout , just hit the lock button on your iPhone and you have a vanity mirror in your hands. Talk about damage control!

mirror tempered iphone glass


If go-to trends are your thing, but protection is holding you hostage – we’re here to set you free.
Our Stone Cold Collection consists of on-trend, fashion forward, coveted designs while still adding protection to your device. We like to call this best of both worlds, how about you?

Having your cake and eating it too has never been easier. Match your style with a clean and modern marble design, or elevate your look with designer brand inspired elements.

iphone and android cases

@stephaniegriff – Glamour Magazine


Do you go through phone cases far too often? Do you like to refresh every few months and start with a new look for less? If yes, The Coveted Collection is for you! We’ve curated some of our most popular styles at an extremely affordable price. That way, you can rotate your case as many times as you want without breaking the bank! It’s like having Savers at your finger tips at all times. Thank us later!

thrifty cases

Keep scrolling to shop the product combos that match your lifestyle 


Vlada MUA Honey Love Bee Homepage Image 1
clear iphone x fifth and ninth
Beauty Bank compact mirror portable charger 2 min

Exclusive Interview with Vlada Haggerty

Vlada Interview

For the past few months, we have been working on our sixth phone case with VladaMUA! Everything about Vlada’s designs screams uniqueness, creativity, and taking things to a new level. Which is why we couldn’t resist collaborating with her once again! This is our exclusive interview with the Ukrainian-born makeup artist herself where she talks about what inspires her and her journey in the beauty industry. Enjoy!

1. You have designed five cases with us and each one is completely different from the other. Where do you draw inspiration from and how do you know if it has never been done before?

I do my best to research images if I have an idea, just to make sure. Also, I try to stay away from very obvious ideas, because chances are, it’s been done before. I love to go to craft stores to find inspiration. All the different textures, colors, ribbons, fabrics just make my mind sparkle!

2. I’m sure that you’ve had many companies try to collaborate with you. Why did you choose to put your artwork and ideas into the hands of Fifth & Ninth?

For me working with companies comes down to working with people. And Fifth & Ninth people really get me!

3. How long does it typically take you to design each lip look?

It depends on the complexity. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Usually the painted designs take the longest for me.

4. Many of your designs, including your newest collaboration with us, features bumble bees and honeycombs. Is there a particular reason as to why you consistently incorporate these into your designs?

I just love bees! My great grandfather was a beekeper. He had a little bee farm in the woods and every summer I used to come visit him there and watch him work. My family taught me to respect the bees because they work so hard and are so important for having food on the table (my great grandparents grew their own fruits and vegetables). Also, mom calls me bee sometimes because I work so much haha!

5. You went from putting your designs on your own lips, to other makeup companies stealing your ‘lip drip’ designs, to becoming Smashbox’s ‘lip editor in chief’ all within the span of four years. How crazy has your journey been? What experiences have been the most memorable?

It’s been so surreal! I’ve learned so much through all of these experiences! The most memorable and iconic for me personally was meeting and working for Pat McGrath when she first launched her makeup line. She is the inspiration to all of us!

6. Do you have anything to say to young artists who may be scared to make the jump and start pursuing their dreams in the beauty and fashion industry?

Fear is what keeps you away from achieving your dreams. Looking back, all of the best things that happened in my career were really scary at first. Make the jump, it’s worth it!

As you can see, Vlada’s heart of gold and amazing sense of creativity are just two of the many reasons why we absolutely love working with her! Hopefully her words have inspired you as much as they have inspired us. Check out Vlada’s newest case ‘Bee Kind’ by clicking the link here!

Xoxo, The Fifth & Ninth Team!

Do you love our exclusive interview with Vlada Haggerty? Click the link here to check out our Pinterest where we share our favorite lifestyle and fashion content!

A Gift Guide to Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier

Holiday GG

Having trouble with your holiday shopping? Us here at Fifth & Ninth know how frustrating it can be finding gifts all in one place for all of the different people in your life. So, we decided to help you out! From the “Edgy Girl” who only wears all black to the “Foodie” who is constantly posting on Instagram about what she is eating, we’ve got you covered on presents that they will absolutely LOVE!

Edgy 1 min

The Edgy Girl is FIERCE and everything she wears has to be bold. We know a couple accessories that will surely satisfy her daring style…

Cannes Black

“Cannes” Sunnies

What’s better than a new pair of sunglasses? We recently released five new pairs of sunnies that are perfect all year around. Just because the weather is colder doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to have any sunny days!

Our “Cannes” sunnies are sure to make a statement when paired with any outfit.

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06790 alana hadid iphone case x

‘Real Talk’ Case

Black and white clothes are major staples in every “Edgy” girl’s closet. Get her a case that she can pair with any and every outfit!

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yls iphone 7 plus front

“YLS” Case

If the “Edgy Girl” in your life doesn’t have this case, then her life probably sucks (no offense.)

We love Yves Saint Laurent as much as the next person, so we drew inspiration from a YSL handbag for this case! It’s simple, but bold, and will definitely turn some heads.

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Tropez Red 1

“Tropez” Sunnies

Bright accessories are a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit. Our crimson “Tropez” sunnies are great for a girl who is trendy and daring.

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05304 black beauty bank portable charger and compact mirror copy

‘Jet Black’ Beauty Bank Compact Mirror + Portable Charger

The Beauty Bank is the perfect gift for any occasion, especially the holiday season! Whether fixing your eyeshadow or making sure your lipstick is still in place, the Beauty Bank will keep you pretty and powered.

Choose our ‘Jet Black’ Beauty Bank for your favorite “Edgy Girl” who is always doing her best to look her best.

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Make up Junkie 1 min

The beauty lover is a GLAM GODDESS and absolute makeup junkie. All she can think about is the newest palette that’s dropping. Why not get a gift to REFLECT her style…

Liane V Postive Vibes Only Silver iPhone Case

“Positive Vibes” Case

Our newest collaboration with the beautiful Liane V is the perfect phone case for the beauty lover in your life! It doubles as a protective phone case AND a mirror.

Instead of opening her camera app or going through her purse for a makeup mirror, she can just flip her phone around to make sure her makeup is in place!

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red lips min

Our ‘Red Drip’ and ‘KYLIE’ Cases

Fall and winter are the best seasons to rock red lips. If you’ve got a makeup junkie in your life that can’t leave the house without her red liquid lipstick, these two cases are great gift options.

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Dont Need You bag

‘Don’t Need You’ Bag

Every glam goddess knows the struggle of constantly losing her makeup in her purse. And the struggle of a makeup product exploding all over her brand new Louis bag!

Prevent that from happening with our ‘Don’t Need You’ bag. Not only will it keep all of your fellow beauty lover’s makeup intact, it will also allow her to see whats inside without opening it!

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beauty glass for bridal shower gift

Beauty Glass

This screen protector not only keeps your phone safe and crack-free, but it also doubles as a mirror!

Forget about opening the camera app when your phone doesn’t even need to be powered on for the Beauty Glass to work its magic!

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Swarovksi Beauty Bank for Bridal Gift

Pink Swarovski Beauty Bank

Every makeup fanatic knows how important it is to have a compact mirror on them at all times. Trust us, the beauty lover in your life will be absolutely OBSESSED with our Swarovski Beauty Bank!

Not only is it an illuminating compact mirror with both a 1x normal mirror and 3x magnified mirror, it also serves as a portable phone charger!

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foodie min 1

From brunch till dessert the foodie can’t contain themselves around a pretty platter. They’ll love to indulge in these tech accessories that remind them of their favorite treats.

sushi iphone 7 silver straight

‘Sushi’ Case

We’ve created many cases here at Fifth & Ninth that look good enough to eat, and our ‘Sushi’ case is definitely one of them!

If you’re constantly seeing that special someone in your life snapping pics of spicy tuna rolls and rainbow rolls, this is the case that they NEED in their life!

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brielle biermann iphone case 2 min

‘Stay Cool’ and ‘Eat In & Get Out’ cases

Whether your fellow foodie has a sweet tooth or prefers the savory side, our case collaborations with Brielle Biermann are sure to satisfy both!

buy 'stay cool'! buy 'eat in & get out'!
Emily iphone 7 silver straight

‘Flowers & Fries’ Case

French fries are easily one of the best foods to ever exist. And the food lover in your life most definitely has a fry obsession just like we do!

Get her our ‘Flowers & Fries’ case so she can look at her favorite guilty pleasure all day long.

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05335 gold beauty bank portable charger and compact mirror copy

Gold Beauty Bank

If you know someone who is obsessed with food, then you’ve probably seen them way too many times with food in their teeth.

Save her from the embarrassment and get her a Beauty Bank! Not only is it an illuminating compact mirror with both a 1x normal mirror and 2x magnified mirror so she can make sure she’s looking flawless, but it also doubles as a phone charger!

FN Men

F&N isn’t just for fashionable females, we have plenty of gifts the guys in your lives will love. Why not treat them while you treat yourself…

dominate the day 7 plus

‘Dominate The Day’

One of the best gifts in life is the gift of giving back. All proceeds of our ‘Dominate The Day’ case go towards the Dominate The Day Foundation that was created to carry out the legacy of Jordan Williams Sebastian.

This foundation provides kids with tutoring, mentoring, and sports camps in order to help them become the best versions of themselves! To learn more about the foundation, click here.

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tan car charger1

Genuine Leather Car Charger

Keep your mans car looking luxurious inside and out with this F&N genuine leather car charger!

This car charger consists of two charging ports and a durable genuine leather strip.

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04031 black lightning cable w logo e1510791563587

Black Leather Charging Cable

Get that special someone of yours one of the best gifts that he could possibly ask for, a phone charger that won’t break and fray in a month!

Our genuine leather charging cables are extremely durable and allow your man to charge his phone in style.

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incognito iphone 7 silver straight

‘Incognito’ case

Does that special guy in your life have a love for camo print? If so, you HAVE to get this case for him!

It’s the perfect case for both men and women to rock on their phones, as well as extremely protective with an impact resistant bumper and slim fit that won’t take up too much room in your pocket.

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Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

An amazing gift that both men and women will appreciate is a new screen protector! Yes, protectors may be great at preventing our actual screens from cracking, but after a few months they start to look old and dirty.

A fresh screen protector will have anyone’s phone looking brand new! And if you want to keep your own phone screen looking good as new all the time, check out our Empire Club where we supply you with a new screen protector monthly, quarterly, or yearly!

buy now!

We hope that you have a fun and safe Holiday season! If you purchase anything listed above, be sure to post on instagram and tag us @fifthandninth! We love seeing how you guys rock your favorite products. If you’re still struggling with gift shopping, click the link here to check out our gift guide!

Xoxo, The Fifth & Ninth Team!