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Exclusive Interview with Scotty Cunha

scotty cunha
scotty cunha

Exclusive Interview with Scotty Cunha

We have BIG NEWS! We’ve been working on a very special collaboration with Rhode Island raised celebrity hair stylist Scotty Cunha. You may have seen him featured in some of the Kardashian’s Instagrams, as well as that of Lucy Hale and Chrissy Teigen. We’re so excited for you to see the finished product of this collab, which will be available soon! In the meantime, we wanted you to have the chance to get to know Scotty like we do. So, our creative director, Bryce, sat down with him for a glass of rose and asked him a few questions. Keep an eye on your email for updates on this collab!

Q: So fill me in on your back story. What did you want be when you were younger? Where did this begin?

A: Well, I always wanted to be a dancer; I was always kind of artsy. High school wasn’t for me and I was so over it, and I knew I wanted to do something artistic, so I was like “what can I do with my hands?” I wanted to go to fashion school, but I only wanted to be a stylist. I didn’t want to take textile classes. Then, I saw a beauty school that was just opening up down the street in Cranston, Paul Mitchell. I drove by and I was like “I’m going to beauty school and I’m gonna do makeup.” But then, the woman was like “well then you have to take esthetician classes”, and I’m like no I can’t not talk all day, so let me try hair! So I tried hair and I loved it and I got it and that was it. I was like “let me run with this, done, I’m just gonna like go with it!” I mean hair’s kinda easy.

Q: Tell us who has influenced your career the most. Was it your parents? Your role model? Was it a celebrity? Who was it?

A: I mean, my parents are immigrants from Portugal, so when they moved to America that was a really big deal to me. They moved to a country where they didn’t speak the language and they lived the American dream. They worked, they’re still at their same job, they got a house, and they had me.

My parents stood behind me on every single decision. Like they literally supported me in every single thing. My dad made me play soccer for a little bit and I was like “please don’t make me play soccer, I wanna be a cheerleader,” and he was like “ok, honey.” And then they were like “you need to go to school, you don’t wanna work your whole life,” and I was like “no, I hate school!” And they’re like “ok fine…” and I’m like “I wanna go to beauty school.” They still don’t really get the concept. My parents’ friends tell them who I’m with. They’ll be like “oh, I saw Scott with Kim”. They still really don’t get it, which is really funny. When I went on tour with Miley, my mom would always say “how’s Millie?”

Q: How did you land Miley?

A: I was an assistant for 4 years at Jonathan’s salon and he had a reality show, so I thought I made it. I was like “guys, I’m on tv! I did it!” But really, it was torture and I was an assistant, so it was really hard. But, I’m so glad I did that for so long because that helped me be so good at what I’m doing today.

It was hell. Jonathan tortured me. But, then I finally got a job at this salon in Little Compton. Those were the Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie days… everyone that was in US weekly at the time was styled by Andy. So when I found out he was opening a salon, I went there and I was like “hi, can I work here?!” And he was on tour with Madonna at the time, so his business partner was like “yeah, do a test.” So I brought my poor friend in and I remember I made her grow her hair out at the time and I was like “no, let’s not do layers. We wanna be like Ashley Olsen. No layers, No layers!” And then I brought her in and I chopped all her hair off for “the hair cut,” to show them. She still talks about it and says that I ruined her hair.

So, then I started working there; I got the job, thankfully. I met this girl, Jen Atkin, and she’s amazing. Her agent said “hey, do you know anyone who would wanna go on tour with Miley Cyrus? You’re really busy and you can’t go,” and she said Scott. She was like “Scott, you should do it.” I was like “Yes, 100%.” She was just finishing Hannah Montana, so this was her first exposure as Miley Cyrus and not Hannah Montana, so it was a really big deal.

Q: Do you have any questions about Fifth & Ninth? What do you think your audience would want to know about our brand?

A: It’s so cute! I love the name! You’re killing it; it’s so smart! Collaborating with people is so smart! I was watching this thing about how Alessandro Michele from Gucci collaborated with the guy that was tagging garbage cans and stuff. Instead of suing him, he was like “let’s collaborate!” To collaborate with people is so smart, like it’s such a good business mindset because it’s not competition. I’m not Oprah, but it really is about collaborating and working with your peers!

Special thanks to Scotty for sitting down with us! We are so excited for you all to see what we’ve been working on. Stay tuned for the release date!


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VladaMUA’s Drop With Smashbox Cosmetics


VladaMUA’s Drop With Smashbox Cosmetics Matches Our Limited Edition Rose Gold Drip Cases!

Our partner, Vlada Haggerty, known on Instagram as vladamua, has just launched her very own SmashBox Cosmetics Collection titled; Petal Metal. This collection includes shimmer drops, highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and eye shadow palettes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this collection, it was inspired by Vlada’s infamous rose gold lip design. Consequently, The Fifth & Ninth team is so in love with this new product line because it reminds us of our Rose Gold Drip case made in collaboration with Vlada herself!

On August 1st, Fifth & Ninth launched the InstaGlam Collection! This collection featured a line of iPhone cases made in collaboration with social media influencers. For this collection, Vlada created a line of 5 iPhone cases with us! One of her most popular cases featured her infamous rose gold lip art! As a result, many famous influencers were spotted using this beautiful case!


Los Angeles based beauty blogger, Alexandra Anele, with the Rose Gold Drip case! Most noteworthy, Alexandra is known for working with cosmetics companies such as Becca, Smashbox, and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Furthermore, to get some beauty advice and how-to’s from Alexandra herself, check out her YouTube page titled, Alexandranele.


Miami based fashion and lifestyle blogger, Monica Hill, with the Rose Gold Drip case! Monica often sports Vlada’s cases including the Red Drip case!

In addition, to learn more of Monica’s fashion favorites, check out her Instagram page, @glambymoni. Not only does she talk fashion, but she also gives great beauty and fitness advice!


Beauty and lifestyle blogger Anna Ovsjankina with the Rose Gold Drip case! Anna is known for her Youtube channel, Estonianna, which has over 700k followers!

Most noteworthy, she also has an Instagram page where she shares beauty, fashion, and motherhood advice! In addition, we’ll let you in on a fun fact- she is good friends with Vlada herself!

Shop rose gold drip case now!

In conclusion, we love nothing more than girl bosses like Vladamua, who achieve their goals everyday! We’re happy that we have a little piece of her incredible artwork showcased through our phone cases and can’t wait to see what she does next! 

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Fifth & Ninth Squad

Our Newest Collections on The Rhode Show!

Rhode Show


Our Creative Director, Bryce Mcgillivray, showcases our new accessories for spring on today’s The Rhode Show! With warm weather right around the corner, Bryce showed The Rhode Show’s Michaela Johnson Fifth and Ninth’s newest addition, SUNGLASSES! Our new sunnies are great for the spring/summer weather and for any and every face shape. Not to mention our new phone cases that double as one of our favorite accessories!

WPRI’s The Rhode Show is Southern New England’s #1 lifestyle and entertainment show. They represent local lifestyle and entertainment for everyone in New England. In addition to this, they offer local professionals the opportunity to display what is up and coming and today Fifth and Ninth’s very own, Bryce Mcgillivray, was able to let New England in on the latest trends for  spring!

Here at Fifth and Ninth we are so ready for the switch from bootie to sandal weather and want you to be able to pair all your springtime outfit choices with any sunglass pair of your choice. From the Capri to Calabasas sunnies you can never go wrong! Furthermore, each pair of sunglasses comes in different colors with a customized microfiber pouch that not only keeps your glasses scratch free when you through them in your bag, but doubles as a cleaning cloth.


But let’s not forget about our newest cases that are also easily paired with every springtime outfit! On today’s show we also showcased out newest collection of iPhone cases, the Stone Cold Collection! Each and every one of our custom cases is perfect to break out when the weather gets warm because Fifth and Ninth believes that your cell phone case should be one of your best accessories!

Shop all our new collections to make sure you’re right on trend for approaching warm weather!

Jeanette Getrost Sits Down with Women’s Wear Daily

Women's Wear Daily

Fifth & Ninth’s partner, Jeanette Getrost, recently sat down with Women’s Wear Daily to discuss her up and coming projects. Read more below to see what Jeanette is up to! Stay on the lookout for Fifth & Ninth’s mention!

BETWEEN THE LINES: In New York for a Q&A at Spring Place and a happy hour at Camp David in Brooklyn on Thursday, Los Angeles-based fashion illustrator Jeanette Getrost discussed how the medium is coming back to life.

About 20 will be at the NYFW event at Spring and the crowd will be considerably livelier at Camp David, the co-working space for creatives started by Milk Studios’ Mazdack Rassi and Erez Shternlich. Getrost chalked up the renewed interest in fashion illustration to social media giving artists a platform to get their work out. In addition, “People get a little tired of new media and have this yearning for the past and they want things to be handmade. You can see the same Instagram posts on a daily basis but with artists they are creating something new that you’ve never seen before.

A few years ago she worked for “Project Runway” one season. Sketching the winning looks from each episode for a social media campaign. Next week she will be live sketching at a Ferragamo event in Los Angeles. Getrost, whose work can be found on Absolut Art, also has a line of phone cases coming out with Fifth & Ninth. And she recently did some package design for Kate Somerville that can be found in Sephora. Forerunners such as René Gruau and David Downton, as well as Isaac Mizrahi’s illustrations are among her favorites. “Fashion illustration offers a new way to look at collections even if it’s current runways,” Getrost said…… READ MORE AT Women’s Wear Daily-


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