Dive into Color Me Courtney’s candy colored life!

You’re such a globetrotter!  What was your favorite place you’ve visited and why?

Japan by far, Tokyo & Kyoto specifically. We went for a project and I was excited but not expecting to be obsessed, but when I went there I felt home. I hope to move there one day, maybe just for 6 months or maybe I’ll never come back … who knows! I also recently went to Copenhagen! It’s so beautiful and colorful, plus the Danes are some of the nicest people. I was there during the summer when the sun rises at 430 and sets at 1130 pm!

We all know you’re obsessed with color. Out of all the colors, which one is your favorite?

To wear red or yellow, but in general kelly green – I call is Courtney green because no Kelly loves it as much as I do!

What’s what item you can’t live without at the moment and why?

Red lipstick, it’s like my super power! Makes me feel confident, powerful and most myself!

Your dog Waffles is so cute! Can we dog sit for you?

Thank you!!!! You can try, but fair warning he talks! He will mimic you’re tone and cadence, and even sing to you sometimes haha he’s so weird.

What was the inspiration behind the design of your phone cases?

I’m all about a two tone color pallet, combining unexpected colors together into my outfits and even my #colormemani manicures. There you can see the two tone, diagonal inspiration that spilled over into the walking on rainbows multi stripe creation! I also thought of both of my phone cases as customized popsicles – so if I was dipping one into all the flavors (because of course I want all the flavors) or dipping another in a big batch of sprinkles

What was the best/most difficult part of designing your own case?

At first it was thinking of the initial idea, I was a little blank! I have a lot of things I wanted to include, but I also didn’t want to over design it. Then I had too many ideas and had to work to narrow it down to only two cases! Now the best part is that my phone looks exactly like I would want it to look and the case is so me!

What is your favorite/least favorite part about blogging?

My favorite part is being able to inspire and motivate others, the hardest part is being your own boss! I work all day everyday and sometimes want to just take a day off and do nothing, but I can’t because my blog doesn’t survive unless I’m constantly working at it.

How do you find all these colorful locations to shoot at?

Oh it’s fun but a lot of work! I spend about 8 hours weekly just scouting new locations and have to really plan ahead. It is a good way to make you always look for hidden bits of color and find the beauty amongst all the black and white in NYC.