5 Tricks That Will Make Applying Your Eyeliner Easier

Not everyone’s a makeup artist, but we all like to look our best! We’re here to share our five best eyeliner tricks so you can look fierce and fabulous whether it’s a day at the office or a girl’s night out! We also know time is limited these days, so we promise our tricks won’t take any longer than 3 minutes. Also, we know the budget doesn’t always allow top line products so we’re giving you the low down on our drug-store favorites that get the job done!


1. Use Tape as a Stencil

Whether you’re just bad at applying your liner, or you can’t seem to make your two eyes even, we’ve got the perfect hack for you! The solution to your problems is scotch tape! Start by sticking a piece of tape on the side of your face, right along your bottom lash line. The beauty of this technique is that you can decide the angle that you want your liner to follow, making it as dramatic or subtle as you like. Simply trace along the side of the tape until you are satisfied with the line you just created. When you finally peel off the tape, you’ll be left with a perfect line! And the best part is that you can do the exact same thing on the other eye for a flawlessly symmetric look!

2. Use a Q-Tip to Fix Mistakes

If you’re not using some kind of stencil or guideline, it can be pretty tough to apply the perfect line. So, in the case of mistakes, unsteady hands, and smudges, we have another solution: the almighty Q-Tip. If you dip your q-tip in a little petroleum jelly and apply it to the smudged, uneven area, your mistakes will disappear! Or, if you don’t want to leave a glossy residue, dip your q-tip in your concealer instead and use it as a tool to cover up your tiny little mistake!  No one will ever know that you even messed up!

3. Use a Smudge Brush to Even Out Liner

Another solution if you’re prone to shaking hands is a smudge brush! If you’ve created a shaky line, simply use a smudge brush to blend the application into a straighter line! While the q-tip trick is probably better for someone who wants a thin, crisp line, this trick can be used if you’re going for something a little edgier.

4. Trace Your Lash Line with Pencil Liner First

Maybe you’re fairly confident in your ability to apply eyeliner, but you’re just not sure exactly what look you’re going for yet, or how it will look. You might want to trace your lash line with a pencil eyeliner first, since these allow for more control. You can even use a lighter color that will still show up, but won’t be a commitment. Once you’ve lined your eyes with the pencil liner, you can go in with the liquid liner and trace the stencil that you just created. This way, you can plan your look before you execute!

5. Put Eyeliner on Your Eyelash Curler for a Perfect Straight Line

Last but definitely not least, this tip is perfect for the girl who’s always on the go and crunched for time! Simply apply your eyeliner directly onto the metal part of your lash curler that touches your lash line. We recommend using a pencil for best results, and then you can go back in and trace over your line with liquid liner afterwards. When you press the lash curler to your lid, the liner will imprint onto your skin and you’ll be left with a beautiful line! Like magic!

We hope you found these eyeliner tips useful! If you’re interested in some of our favorite eyeliners, we’ve listed a few below!

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