Fashion Police: Grammy’s Red Carpet


“The most alluring thing a women can have is confidence” says Queen Bee and boy was she confident.  Beyonce had a jaw dropping performance, Adele stole the show, and Chance the Rapper took home two grammy’s with an incredible live performance last Sunday night.   The Grammy’s is the night of music, fashion, and fame.  There were so many glamorous looks on the Grammy’s red carpet and actors and actresses killed it this year with dramatic looks… Check out Fifth and Ninth’s very own episode of Fashion Police!

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood was looking smoking hot in this firery red dress by Red Elie Madi. Skin was in during this years grammy’s and the key hole slit was popular in many star’s looks.


A lot of attention was on Queen Bee on Sunday night’s award show.  She absolutely killed it in her performance and appeared as a goddess of femininity and motherhood. Her outfit on stage fit her hip hop star status and her gown afterwards was red hot!  Did you love her necklace like we did? Well.. would you rather buy 100 new Teslas or the necklace because the cost is about equivalent. Beyonce’s necklace totaling only 2 million dollars more.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill look stunning in her gown.  *Twinning* Both Faith and Carrie Underwood went with the key hole slit and a red gown.  Who wore it best? We think this look takes the cake and qualifies as a classier version of Carrie Underwood’s.  Faith Hill rocked the key hole slit.  She knew how to rock this dress but clearly wasn’t so sure about the words to “Sweet Caroline” during the surprise car karaoke, Sunday’s host, James Corden put on!


Adele had herself a night! She rocked the red carpet in this green dress and rocked the stage in her performances.  The night seemed like a contest between Adele and Beyonce, these two super divas were up against each other in every major category.  Adele deserved everything she was awarded on Sunday night and we absolutely loved her shoutout to Beyonce as much as we loved her look.  This green gown hit her perfectly and her hair and makeup was stunning!


*Best Dress Award* This Gucci dress was phenomenal.  Not a lot of people would wear this dress but it was made incredibly and the color on her looks amazing. She rocked this asymmetrical look with the exaggerated ruffle and a sexy slit.  Her hair and clear shoes were on point and fashionistas everywhere are dying to dress her.   This look was absolutely stunning and she took home her first Grammy in it!


This look is sexy and chic and she killed it with her change of hair color for the night. Everything came together and she looked extremely put together with confidence and grace everybody wishes to have under such pressure.


It’s safe to say that when it comes to Laguna Beach we are on the side of LC but it’s also safe to say Kristin Cav killed it in this dress.  Once again, skin was in! The sheer side slit was sexy yet conservative and differentiates itself from the normal thigh high slit.  She looked gorgeous!


We loved this dress and the confidence she had wearing it.  This was Creative Director Bryce’s favorite look.  The cutouts in this dress were super showy and super sexy, she wore it well.


Bad Girl RiRi is back at it again with huge skirts and an accentuated waist.  In custom Armani, Rihanna was looking super cool and super bad.  We love this look because we love Rihanna but we are having some trouble loving the bra top with the tattoo.  It was a cool look but makes the top look too small.  We would have liked to see less fabric on her waist and a longer top to see her sexy shape.  We weren’t obsessed with this look but know Rihanna will come through in the future.. Keep doing you!



This look definitely qualifies as crazy and we’ve never seen anything like it! We respect the creativity to the fullest… but can’t see ourselves in a dress that looks like a ball pit at a children’s amusement park.


Hmm… definitely a statement piece but I don’t think politics and fashion will win you the Best Dressed award!


One word for this look…. crazy!


Lady Gaga looked amazing at the Grammy’s.  In Alex Ulichny, she dressed the part for the event! So risky and so her… she dressed for her role as a rocker chick only to sing with Metallica later on that night.  Her hair and makeup was also spectacular.  It’s safe to say I know what I’m being for Halloween next year!   So creative, so fab, and so Gaga.


Balmain errything!  A handful of stars were seen wearing Balmain last Sunday night.  This red carpet look would have made her father proud.. she looked stunning with her funky fashion taste and perfect hair and makeup.  It’s safe to say Paris Jackson is gonna take the fashion world by storm.  This dress was a Thriller!


This dress was pretty.  We loved the touch of blue throughout it’s beige silhouette.  The sleeves were an awkward length and would have been cuter either long or short. She looked beautiful when it came to her hair and makeup and her look really blended into one.  When it comes to the dress, this being her first Grammy nomination and first red carpet we expected her to take a grander approach! This dress didn’t make the splash we had hoped for her to make although she made a splash with her music! We hope to see her again on the Grammy’s red carpet and look forward to her next look!


*Worst Dress Alert* All the respect in the world to Tom Ford but Katy Perry did not rock this dress! We love Katy Perry and her performance was amazing as well as her blonde locks but this dress just didn’t fit her right. Katy Perry had her hands around her waist in almost every picture- a stylist trick to accentuate the waist. Her proportions were totally off and if the top had been more fit to her body the look would have came together more.  To determine wether it was her or the dress that was off we looked at this particular one on the runway and turns out it was the dress! It didn’t look to chic on either of the girls wearing it.  Both the skirt and top were stunning but if they didn’t look good on one of the world’s most gorgeous pop stars then this dress gets our vote for worst dress nominee!

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