Fifth & Ninth Gives Back

In order to understand what The Dominate the Day Foundation is all about, you must learn about Jordan Sebastian. As a little boy, he was loving, adorable, funny, super athletic. He was enthusiastic about everything. He worked incredibly hard at school and sports, striving to be better at whatever he tackled. As a young adult, he was kind, gorgeous, still funny, a football genius. He was an incredibly loyal, forgiving, and loving family man.

Jordan played Division 1 football, earning his degree in English from the University of Rhode Island and then worked at his high school alma mater, The Hopkins School, where he was loved by his students and colleagues. Then, at 24 years old, out of nowhere, Jordan was diagnosed with cancer. And yet, despite this horrible news, Jordan continued to fight with the same vigor and live with the same grace he always had. He remained positive, powering through pain, procedures and treatment with hope and kept his faith in God.

The Dominate the Day Foundation is our way of carrying out his legacy by continuing what he was passionate about–coaching, mentoring and teaching kids. Jordan remains a shining example of what it means to be a great human being.

JORDAN’S IMPACT – The Dominate the Day Foundation is committed to helping young people become the absolute best version of themselves, through character, relationships, academics, sports and their positive impact on the world.

FOUNDATION’S MISSION – To provide inspirational mentoring, tutoring and coaching experiences for those who need it the most, and to guide them toward all available community and national resources to ensure access to the best fitting recreational, educational, experiential and employment opportunities. To inspire kids and young adults with hope for the future by teaching them to Dominate the Day! Everyday. And to ultimately create thoughtful, responsible leaders of the future.