5 Fall Activities To Do This Season

With the end-of-summer blues looming overhead, we have the perfect fall activities to get you excited for the upcoming season!

girl apple picking

Apple Picking… Obviously

Not only is apple picking a plus for your instagram feed, it’s also a perfect way to enjoy some of our favorite fall-time foods. You can make a day of it ending with baking (and eating) an apple pie. Use your (Fifth and Ninth covered) phone to find a recipe for apple pie. Two perfect fall activities joined into one day! 

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Getting Lost in a Corn Maze

Honestly the best part of a corn maze is getting lost in one. Not only do the stalks make for another amazing photo backdrop, how about taking advantage of the crisp fall air, especially if you get lost in there for a while. Pick a perfect fall day with a breeze and sunshine to ensure maximum enjoyment. Definitely grab our Hidden Hills sunnies to block the sun while making (or not making) your way through this fall activity! 

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friends movie night

(Scary) Movie Night

As the weather gets cooler, the blankets get heavier, and the movies get scarier. You will definitely need some company for this fall activity so grab some friends and check out New Horror Movie Release Dates  for some upcoming scary movies! Be sure to grab a pair of our blue light blocking glasses so your eyes are protected through every fall movie night.

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Neutral Nails

We love having our nail poslish match the season. Summer is over, as are the neon pink, green, and yellow polishes. It’s time to bring back the fall neutrals. Grab a girlfriend, one of our Nudes cases, and hit the nail salon to add some fall neutrals to your everyday look. Getting your nails done may be an activity for any season, but sticking to neutrals easily makes it one of our top five fall activities. 

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lattes and pie

Enjoying Fall Specialty Food and Drink

If you’re anything like us and have been dreaming of pumpkin muffins and apple cider since August, try hitting your local cafe to curb those fall cravings. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, local cafes are pulling out all the stops to make this fall more delicious than ever. Grabbing a pumpkin latte and doing some work on your laptop (obviously using the Cupertino glasses) makes for a chill, relaxing fall activity. 

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