Four Reasons Why You Need A Beauty Bank

4 reasons why you need a beauty bank min


Handbag essentials can vary from the everyday lipgloss to your favorite hand lotion and maybe even a few hair ties. These are things that we might need as the day goes on to stay prepared.

What we’ve found is that, the Beauty Bank is something we always need. That’s the reason it’s our number one accessory and never stays home. The Beauty Bank illuminating compact mirror and portable charger is versatile and reliable- it has our back no matter what the day throws at us.

Here’s why…

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Portable Charger

 First and foremost, our beauty bank is a portable charger. It’s designed to accompany the woman on the go no matter the day… or night. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android phones, and has a 300 mAH which can charge your phone fully 2x before needing to re-charge. Never worry about “low power mode” again!

Dual Mirror Function

The mirrors are 1x (normal) and 3x magnified to keep up with all your beauty needs. One of our favorite hacks is to use it to fill in our brows or for precise lipstick application! We also love it for quick check-ups after eating to make sure we didn’t leave anything left in our teeth!

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Ever wonder where all of your bobby pins disappear to? When you have your beauty bank, you can drop it in your purse and they will magically reappear! You’ll never run the risk of a bad hair day.

Vanity Light

You can use the mirror 24/7 thanks to the vanity light feature. Whether it’s the middle of the day or a night on the town, it’s ready when you are.


If you’re anything like us and are constantly losing things in your purse, click on the light and you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time.

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