Exclusive Interview with Frankie Grande

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At Fifth & Ninth it has always been important to us to empower people, whether it’s through creative product, a little humor, or sharing other’s stories. With the new year upon us, what better way to incorporate our mission of self love than a collaboration with Frankie Grande.

Frankie has always inspired us through his ability to promote confidence, his love for unique fashion, and his constant positivity. With many talents as a singer, dancer, actor, host and countless others, we wanted to know what has inspired Frankie the most in life. Read our exclusive interview with Frankie Grande to find out more about him and the inspiration behind his case collection.

1. Throughout your life, you’ve had so many amazing experiences that most people only dream about! You’ve performed in and produced shows on Broadway, you were a contestant on the show Big Brother AND Celebrity Big Brother, you were a judge for America’s Best Dance Crew, and you’ve also been on Nickelodeon and Netflix shows. How has your journey been and where exactly did you start?

“This journey has been fantastic and I have been blessed every single step of the way. I’ve always had a love of theater ever since I was a young child. My mother took me to see Little Shop of Horrors and I fell in love with the stage. She also took me to see Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour when I was 7 and I knew I wanted to be a performer. All of that was just a dream though until I went to Muhlenberg College and triple majored in Biology, Theater and Dance getting the skills necessary to become the professional artist that I am today”.

2. You’re always seen wearing bright colors colors and glitter. Has this always been your style or has it evolved over time? What things or people influenced your style?

“As a kid, I was obsessed with Versace with his joyful colors and baroque swirls. I know my style evolved from there and has continued to grow to include even more color and eventually GLITTER which is an outward personification of my inner self and allows me to communicate my love of life in a visual way”.

3. Both of your cases with us feature the phrase “Shine Bright.” Why did you choose this phrase to be the focus of your case? What is its meaning to you?

“Shine Bright like a Frankie and when people throw shade, SHINE BRIGHTER! That has been my motto through coming out as a gay man, being bullied on social media, and standing up for what I believe in, even when it goes against popular opinion. Shine bright reminds me that when I am living my truest life TO THE FULLEST, nothing can hurt me and I hope it serves as a reminder for everyone to do the same. Shine Bright, my Loves! I love you”.

4. If you had to give people one reason as to why they absolutely NEED your case, what would it be?

“The reason you need this case is because it was made with love! Every time you see it, you will be reminded that you are loved and its your job to go out there and spread love, not hate, and shine bright for the world to see”.

5. You’ve been vocal about being passionate in singing, acting, and dancing, but you also seem to love makeup and fashion. Have you done anything in the beauty and makeup industry? Or have you ever considered it?

“I love beauty, makeup and skincare and would absolutely do more in those fields. I have partnered with YouCam to create two signature Frankie looks that you can digitally wear via the YouCam app and that was a great deal of fun! Try it out!”

6. This has been your first time creating a phone case. What has been your favorite part about this experience?

“My favorite part about the experience was making sure the phone case was a true reflection of me… As SHINY and as GLITTERY as possible while still being fashion forward and FIERCE! I believe these phone cases reflect all of that… And I am very excited and proud to share it with all of you”.