iPhone X Upcoming Release

The New iPhone is Almost Here!

The iPhone X is set to arrive on October 27, 2017, and we just can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Apple celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing the release at the Steve Jobs theater.

he new features on this phone will blow your mind. To start, iPhone X is the first of its kind to have an OLED screen, which is also called the Super Retina Display. The screen itself measures 5.8 inches, including a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels. The new screen was designed to debug old brightness and display issues with the older generations. For our tech geeks, Truetone dynamic white balancing adjustment was also added as a feature.

The whole phone is now one big screen, with a “crack proof” design. That’s a pretty bold statement, and I’d love to be the judge of that.

The phone is designed to be easy and intuitive to navigate. The first physical feature that sets it apart from the other phones is that it no longer has a home button. You can either swipe up or tap the screen to open it. However, no more home button does not mean no more Siri. You can still utilize Siri by speaking or by pressing the larger side button. Double taps also enable apple pay.

No home button means no Fingerprint ID. So how do I unlock my phone?

Obviously, the big question is how do you lock your phone without fingerprint recognition. Well, that’s easy. Your face! iPhone X has a facial recognition feature that uses the True Depth camera system. Take a peek at your phone screen, and it lights up your face to identify you.

It even works in the dark.

As for security, the facial recognition is actually far more secure than the fingerprint scanner. Compared to each other, the likelihood that someone else could unlock your phone with the fingerprint is one in 50,000 and the facial recognition is 1 in a million. There’s also a facial recognition requirement to use your apple pay.

Will it still recognize me if I look different every day?

Supposedly, Apple stated that it will still recognize you through sunglasses, baseballs caps, and other blocks on your face. Using an A11 Bionic chip, it shapes and creates a map of your face to identify you. It allows you to change, so if you decide to pull a Katy Perry and chop your locks offs, it will still know who you are!

How is the selfie game going to change?

The camera on the iPhone X is going to be the best thing for your Instagram since filters. It includes a dual-lens 12-megapixel rear camera. It also includes a dual optical image stabilization. The front camera (selfie camera!) is now a 7-megapixel camera that features portrait mode and has automatic image stabilization and exposure control. In other words, if you’re a selfie queen, this is the phone for you. Both cameras also now use the Natural Lighting effect which was a feature introduced with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The video application was also enhanced with a 4K resolution, and new slow-motion video at 240fps.

Is it worth it?

Before the iPhone X had even been announced, people rumored it to cost approximately $1,000. They were correct. The phone starts at $999 and comes in two different memory sizes. It will either be configured at 64GB or 256GB, and can be preordered on October 27th. With all the features and security on this phone, it is a must have!

Will Fifth & Ninth have iPhone X accessories?

Of course! With the iPhone X’s shipping date estimated to be sometime in November, we planned a launch for our cases in November as well! Because the phone is fully glass, be sure to check back in to purchase your new case for your iPhone X (and maybe pick up a screen protector as well!).