Meet our Creative Director, Bryce McGillivray

Meet our Creative Director, Bryce McGillivray

Today we’re pausing the chaos to chat with our Creative Director, Bryce McGillivray.
We’re letting you in on all of the details, from her life before Fifth & Ninth, to her must-have staples in her closet and more!”

Fill us in, did you always want to be an entrepreneur and/or designer?

It was always a dream of mine to work within in the fashion industry, I just wasn’t sure which route I wanted to take. I’ve always been pretty creative, but I’m terrible at drawing, and sewing never came natural – so I assumed designing was out of the question. I’ve always loved to write, I would use writing as my creative outlet rather than artistry. My love for creative writing really blossomed when I was a sophomore in college and decided to start my own fashion blog. It was the perfect platform for me to showcase my style as well as write down my thoughts on things that were happening in my life. After seeing free product flood through my doors, my entrepreneurial side kicked in. That was really a defining time in my life that helped pave the way for my career.

What part of being creative director do you love most?

My favorite part about being the Creative Director is that I get to work collaboratively with some of the most amazing and creative people in this industry. Co- designing product with popular style influencers and bloggers to bring girls like myself their new favorite accessory is the best part of my job. I also love that I have the ability to bring what started out as a small concept in my head, and turn it into to a tangible product.

What do you turn to for creative inspiration and motivation?

Fashion blogs. I have always felt like they are the purest and most current form of our culture and trends. I know it’s a crowded space at the moment, but that’s what makes it so inspirational. Trends come and go, but how each girl wears them is what interests and inspires me.

Who are you most inspired by in the fashion field?

Kanye West hands down! I admire his originality, and ability to create futuristic designs that take industry basics to new places.

The best word to describe you is….

Passionate! I indulge every ounce of myself into things I love. Anyone who knows me will agree 🙂

What are your favorite cases from each Fifth & Ninth collections?

From the Coveted Collection, I am obsessed with the Spotted case. It was inspired by one of my absolute favorite clutches by Clare Vivier. Coveted was the first collection I launched, it is extremely representative of what is trending at the moment. The Rebel Collection is a bit harder for me to choose from as they are very reflective of my personal style and interests. I love “Laced”. The case design is edgy, trendy, and extremely one of a kind. You won’t see that case anywhere else!

What are must-have staples in your closet right now?
A pair of AG denim- they do the bum serious favors, girls! A black leather motto jacket. A comfy, white boyfriend tee. A pair of chic sneaks. My favorites are Nike Huaraches and Vans. A pair of everyday black leather booties. Mine are All Saints, I live in them! Lastly, with Spring arriving, a playful dress that you can dress up or dress down. I love this one from The Brand Faithful here!

What is your favorite magazine?

Cosmo! They cover a wide range of topics that, let’s face it, all girls want to read about. I love the personality behind Cosmo as well. It’s a fun, relatable mag!

Would you rather wear jeans or a dress? Boots or heels?

Depends on the season! Being a New England girl, you have to learn how to wear and love all of the above.

How many days a week do you eat soup…

HAHA…If I could eat it 21x a week, I would. The secret is out…I love soup!

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