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Mirror Screen Protector

Our mirrored screen protector will not only protect your phone, it ensures that you always look your best while on the go.

It’s perfect for a quick makeup retouch, to fix your hair, or double check that you don’t have spinach stuck in your teeth!

Your phone screen needs protection, too!

mirror screen phone protector
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One of our favorites is our shatterproof, mirrored screen protector which we have affectionately nicknamed “Beauty Glass”.

Beauty Glass is not like ordinary tempered glass.  While you are using your phone, it looks like a typical screen protector, but there’s a twist.
It turns your screen into a handy vanity mirror when your phone is in lock mode.
Mirror Screen Protector 1

Equipped with a handy applicator to ensure no air bubble and a perfect fit.

Mirror Screen Protector 2

Becomes a vanity mirror when in lock mode for dual product functionality.

Mirror Screen Protector 3

9H hard coating that can endure hard hits and will prevent shattering upon impact.