5 Gifts for Mother’s Day That Won’t Break The Bank

With Mother’s Day approaching, you’ve probably started to think about the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom. After all, she’s the most important person in your life and she deserves the world! You might be getting a little stressed, however, because gifting can get really pricey. So, we decided to help you out by creating a list of five unique gifts that are also very affordable. Finally, don’t forget to click the buttons to shop each product!

beauty bank bundle

Beauty Bank and Cable Bundle

Firstly, we think this Beauty Bank Bundle is the perfect gift for every type of mom! For those who don’t know, the Beauty Bank is an illuminating compact mirror that also serves as a portable charger for your Apple or Android device. Basically, it’s the perfect accessory for the on-the-go mom who wants to look her best and stay powered throughout the day. Also, since moms are the best, we decided to hook you up with a discount on this product just in time for Mother’s Day! Use the code “MOM20” at checkout to get 20% off of your bundle!

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Printed Wine Glass

Secondly, this adorable wine glass is the perfect gift for the mom who deserves a relaxing night in with a glass of her favorite wine! If your mom is always running around making everyone else’s life easier, then she definitely deserves some time for herself. And, what better way to encourage this than by buying her the prettiest new wine glass?! Not to mention, the message is heartfelt and will definitely make her feel the love!

wine glass for mom
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Ted Baker Chatsworth Bloom iPhone Case

Thirdly, we love this Ted Baker case because it really brings about the spring vibes that we’ve been waiting for. Giving this to your mom for Mother’s Day will immediately brighten her day, and she’ll be able to carry positivity with her everywhere she goes. Not to mention, this case design takes its inspiration from Britain’s palace gardens, bringing a sophisticated twist to the product. She’s sure to love this one!

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Kate Spade Kitchenware Set

In addition, if your mom loves to spend time in the kitchen, she’s sure to love this Kate Spade linen set! This adorable set includes oven mitts, a pot holder and a dish towel–in a delightful sweets print–and it will have her hands out of harm’s way through as many rounds of freshly-baked cakes as she can manage! Also, this gift is the perfect mix of trendy and practical, and your mom will definitely appreciate it!

kate spade kitchen linens
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beauty glass for bridal shower gift

Beauty Glass

Lastly, with this gift, your mom will never have to worry again about accidentally dropping her phone with the beauty mirrored screen protector! Dubbed “Beauty Glass” this one-of-a-kind product turns into a vanity mirror when your iPhone is in lock mode. In addition to providing the utmost protection to your mom’s phone screen, she can now make sure she’s looking her best amongst the chaos of her busy days!

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In conclusion, we hope you love these Mother’s Day gift ideas!


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