python natural iphone case for animal print trend
The Squad
The Squad

Fall Fashion Trends You Must Follow

With the weather finally starting to feel like fall, we want to make sure you are prepared for the hottest fall fashion trends of 2019!
trendy python snake skin cases

Animal Print

At the beginning of the year we have to say, we were a bit skeptical of animal print. Now that the animal print trend is here to stay, we’ve decided to jump on board, and honestly, we’re digging it. Pair this amazing snake skin bag with our Python Cases to nail this fall fashion trend!

colorful rainbow iphone cases


We might feel like we’re back in the 80’s but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Choosing bold, neon colored outfits paired with one of our cases linked below will have you looking right on trend this fall 2019. 

neutral tone iphone case


Obviously we love nudes so we couldn’t be happier for all the nude fall fashion trends happening. From sweaters, to pants or shoes, anything neutral will look great with a case from our Nudes Collection. Be sure to grab one to put the finishing touch on your neutral toned looks!

feminine fashion iphone cases

Barrettes and Hair Clips

A lot of nostalgic trends happening this fall. The barrette trend is definitely not just for our childhood days. Not everyone appreciates the hair clip trend but we’re loving it! Our Jeanette Getrost Fashion iPhone Case would vibe so nicely with some hair clips to crush this fall fashion trend!

gold iphone cases to match gold jewelry trend

Gold Jewelry

Everyone has a jewelry color preference. Ours would definitely be gold over silver. This fall, gold is the trendier, more popular jewelry choice and we’re happy to say we have a plethora of cases to match the gold jewelry fall fashion trend!

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