Post-Grad Must-Haves for Recent College Grads!

poWe can’t believe college is coming to an end and post-grad life is closer than we think. We’re all trying our hardest not to say the “G” word, but it’s happening whether we like it or not. Graduation is coming. With that in mind, we put together a list of our favorite products that will become your go-to post-grad essentials and will help to make the real world a little easier.

post grad must have portable charger

The Beauty Bank

The less you have to carry the better, right?! With our handbags constantly filled with a million things we think we need, the Beauty Bank will quickly become a space-saving post-grad must-have. Take away the worry of having a dead phone on-the-go and be able to charge wherever you are. The dual mirror compact and vanity light will make for quick and easy hair and makeup checks. And of course, we don’t want any bad hair days! The magnetic outer case will find those long lost bobby pins at the bottom of your bag and ensure you’ll never risk a bad hair day!

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Your Favorite Sunnies!

Everyone has their go-to favorite pair of sunglasses. You know they’ll look great and will match any outfit, without even thinking. Whether you prefer black or tort, trendy or classic, there are so many options to choose from. Effortlessly complete your look by keeping your favorite sunnies close!

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Screen Protectors

Tempered Glass

Post-grad life and interviewing can be a little hectic. When you’re trying to carry your coffee, purse, laptop bag, phone, and keys all at once, while simultaneously making sure the door is locked behind you, something’s bound to go flying (pray it isn’t the coffee). Make sure your phone is protected in case of a catastrophe with our impact, scratch, and shatterproof tempered glass screen protectors.

Beauty Glass

If you’re looking for protection with an added bonus, our Beauty Glass mirrored tempered glass screen protector is a post-grad must-have! Make sure you are interview-ready wherever you are with this mirrored tempered glass that turns into a vanity mirror when your phone is in lock mode!

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Simple iPhone Cases

Stay simple and trendy with our Nudes Collection. This collection’s message and idea of simplicity is a daily reminder to embrace yourself and let go of the distractions. Something we all could use in our busy post-grad lives. Our Nudes cases now have matching bracelets that when paired, can pull together a look to create something uniquely you!

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Liane V “Inspire” Case

Everyone could use a little inspiration whenever they get the chance. Our Liane V. Inspire Mirror iPhone Cases can give you the subtle pick-me-up you need to remember that while college may be over, there are good things to come! Not to mention, this case is mirrored and will ensure you have a way to make sure your hair and makeup are always on point!

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