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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Our Blue Light Blocking Glasses protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light.

Blue Light Blocking

Studies show that overexposure to Blue Light may cause eyestrain, increased risk of macular degeneration and sleep cycle disruption. Protect your eyes with these stylish lightweight rounded glasses that filter out Blue Light wavelengths that can be harmful with overexposure.
The Truth About Blue Light Blue Light is high-energy light found everywhere! We are exposed to it from the electronic devices we use daily. TVs, mobile phones, tablets and computer screens all emit Blue Light wavelengths that range from 380 to 500 nm. A survey in the Wall Street Journal found that 70% of teens use their mobile phones within half an hour of going to sleep. Overexposure to Blue Light before bedtime can lead to difficulty falling asleep. Moreover, it can cause disrupted sleep in children, teens and adults alike. Sleepless nights lead to daytime fatigue. In addition to sleepless nights, excessive exposure to Blue Light can also cause digital eye strain and increase the risk of macular degeneration. Luckily, Blue Light Blocking Glasses can filter out the most harmful Blue Light wavelengths without impacting functionality or fashion.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses
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