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The Fifth & Ninth logoed marble popsocket is the new accessory that we can’t live without! For those of you who aren’t familiar with popsockets, they are a device that makes using your phone easier than ever. Whether you are trying to snap a selfie, text with one hand, or mount your phone, the popsocket creates the most comfortable and secure grip! Furthermore, the popsocket isn’t just for mobile phones, but can also be used on tablets and e-reader!

Ultimately, the popsocket a plastic accordion that is stuck to the back of your iPhone case with a strong adhesive. To use the popsocket, pull to expand the accordion. To close the popsocket, collapse the accordion so it lays flat. Due to its design, the popsocket can be used as a grip or a stand. Furthermore, this product will keep your phone so secure that you will not have to worry about accidental dropping. In addition, you can wrap your headphones around the popsocket for easy storage! Ultimately, this product is easy to use and extremely helpful- especially if you spend a lot of time on your phone! To read more about why the popsocket is useful and to see celebrities using this product, click the link here.

In addition to its multiple functions, this product is extremely chic and will add to the appearance of your phone case. This product is so good for using on the fly, we have dubbed it one of our favorite travel accessories! To learn more about the Fifth & Ninth team’s other go-to travel accessories, click the link here.

Product Features for the Marble Popsocket

  • Classic white marble design

  • Boasts Fifth & Ninth’s signature logo

  • Strong adhesive to prevent the product from falling off the device

  • Creates secure and comfortable grip on device to prevent dropping

  • Great for mounting device

We are always looking to hear your feedback! If you have purchased the marble popsocket and love it, email us at with the subject line “I’M OBSESSED.” Once received, we will send you a 10% off discount code on your next purchase!

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