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5 Sunnies You Need This Season

5 Sunnies

With warm weather slowly approaching, the only things on our minds are summer fashion trends and sunshine! Of course, we rock our Fifth & Ninth sunnies on a daily basis, and we switch it up depending on our looks and moods. We’ve become experts on everything to do with sunglasses, so we decided to share our mastery with you! Use this list of our favorites to find a pair that matches your face shape and personal style!

sunglasses south beach

South Beach – $25

The “South Beach” aviator style sunnies have become a staple accessory in our wardrobes! Available in multiple color lenses, this style sunny is an ideal accessory for every season. Equipped with UV400 protection against ultraviolet rays UVA & UVB, this pair of sunglasses is perfect for keeping in your bag for on-the-go use!

Face shape: Ideal for any face shape! That’s what makes these sunnies the best

Shop South Beach

Tropez – $30

These old hollywood, vintage cat-eye sunnies have us feeling like we’re laying beachside in the south of France. Made with a thick plastic frame, these glasses are bold with a feminine flare. Available in multiple colors, these sunnies are a perfect fashion statement to add to any outfit.

Face shape: Ideal for round, oval and heart-face shapes. If you have a petite face, these may not be the best choice for you!

Shop Tropez

Calabasas – $45

Want to dress like a Kardashian without breaking the bank? Then the “Calabasas” sunnies are perfect for you. Often sported by the fashion icon Kim, these oversized shield frames will add a chic look to even the most casual of outfits. With UV400 protection against ultraviolet rays UVA & UVB, these sunnies will hide your eyes in the boldest of ways.

Face shape: Ideal for square, oval and heart-face shapes. If you have a petite face, these may not be the best choice for you!

Shop Calabasas

Jardin – $45

Channel your inner Parisian with these uber feminine, yet sophisticated “Jardin” cat-eye sunnies. These glasses are not only trendy, but they will provide UV400 protection against ultraviolet rays UVA & UVB. Coming in multiple colors, these sunnies are perfect for creating a subtle fashion statement.

Face shape: Ideal for round, oval and heart-face shapes. If you have a petite face, these may not be the best choice for you, as they are slightly oversized!

Shop Jardin
sunglasses capri

Capri – $45

Last, but definitely not least… the “Capri” sunnies have become a staple in our handbags because they are so versatile! We are obsessed with the material contrast featured in these glasses that adds a high fashion twist to an otherwise classic look. With UV400 protection against ultraviolet rays UVA & UVB these glasses are perfect for everyday wear.

Face shape: Ideal for round, oval and heart-face shapes.

Shop Capri

We hope you love these sunnies as much as we do!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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5 Products to Make Your Skincare Routine Easier

5 products

5 Beauty Products that Make Following a Regime Tolderable

If you want to have healthy, radiant skin, but you’re not sure how, then this skincare routine for you! The truth is that it’s all about using the right products and maintaining a daily routine that works for you. We’ve tried countless different beauty products, and we’ve finally found our routine, so now we’re hear to help you find yours. Below is a few of our favorite products that make following a regime tolerable and worth it!

clinique makeup remover

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover 

The first step of any successful skin care routine is taking off the makeup that’s been resting on your face all day long. We all love to look our best, but I think we can also agree that there’s no better feeling that a fresh face at the end of a long day. We absolutely love this best-selling makeup remover, Take the Day Off Makeup Remover, by Clinique! It’s perfect for sensitive skin because it’s non-irritating and non-stinging, but it still gets the job done! Not to mention, it’s oil-free, fragrance-free, and super reasonably priced!

Shop Clinique

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier is one of our favorite brands for skin care products, so of course we included the Milky Jelly Cleanser in our regime! This is truly the ultimate everyday face wash, because it can be used on both wet and dry skin. The formula contains five different skin conditioners, so it’s perfect if you want to have soft, healthy skin! Our favorite little fact about this Glossier product is that it cleans your face with the same ingredients found in contact lense solution, meaning that it’s even safe to use around your eyes!

glossier facial cleanser
Shop Glossier
glamglow mud mask

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Activated Charcoal Treatment 

If you know anything about beauty products, then you’ve probably heard of the infamous GLAMGLOW. This stuff is no joke, ladies. While most face masks claim to remove the toxins from your skin, this mask promises to make you look and feel better about your skin after just a few uses. While GLAMGLOW makes several masks, this one is our favorite because the charcoal pulls all of the dirt and grime from your pores instantly. Once you go GLAMGLOW, you never go back.


Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

We know what you’re thinking… does toner actually do anything? The answer is YES (if you have the right toner). We love this rose toner made by Fresh, because the rosewater ingredient helps to the soothe the skin while the oil extracts from the flower work to nourish the skin. Basically, this product can be used after washing your face to remove any leftover impurities from the surface of the skin. After using this, you’ll feel lighter, smoother, and you’ll even smell good!

fresh rose toner
Shop Fresh
mario badescu moisturizer

Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer

Last, but definitely not least… moisturizer! This is the final step to any skin care regime, and probably our favorite. There’s seriously no better feeling than rubbing lotion on your face right before bed. So, we wanted to share with you our favorite moisturizer by none other than Mario Badescu. We love this one because it’s oil-free, lightweight, and perfect for nearly every type of skin! Some moisturizers are so heavy that they do more harm than good, but this one hydrates without clogging your pores, so it’s the best of both worlds! Mario Badescu also sells moisturizers with vitamin supplements if you need a little something extra!

Shop Mario Badescu

F&N Beauty Bank

Now that we’ve shared our favorite beauty products with you, we thought we’d throw in one last product that will help you look and feel your best: the Beauty Bank, of course! The beauty bank is an illuminated compact mirror that also serves as a portable charger. It fits right in your purse so you can use it while you’re out and about. You can find this product on our website by clicking the button below!

rose gold beauty bank fifth and ninth iphone charger
fifth and ninth iphone cases beauty bank portable charger
fifth and ninth beauty bank portable charger rose gold
Shop Our Beauty Banks

We hope you love these products as much as we do and they help improve your daily skincare routine!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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Jeanette Getrost Sits Down with Women’s Wear Daily

Untitled design

Fifth & Ninth’s partner, Jeanette Getrost, recently sat down with Women’s Wear Daily to discuss her up and coming projects. Read more below to see what Jeanette is up to! Stay on the lookout for Fifth & Ninth’s mention!

BETWEEN THE LINES: In New York for a Q&A at Spring Place and a happy hour at Camp David in Brooklyn on Thursday, Los Angeles-based fashion illustrator Jeanette Getrost discussed how the medium is coming back to life.

About 20 will be at the NYFW event at Spring and the crowd will be considerably livelier at Camp David, the co-working space for creatives started by Milk Studios’ Mazdack Rassi and Erez Shternlich. Getrost chalked up the renewed interest in fashion illustration to social media giving artists a platform to get their work out. In addition, “People get a little tired of new media and have this yearning for the past and they want things to be handmade. You can see the same Instagram posts on a daily basis but with artists they are creating something new that you’ve never seen before.

A few years ago she worked for “Project Runway” one season. Sketching the winning looks from each episode for a social media campaign. Next week she will be live sketching at a Ferragamo event in Los Angeles. Getrost, whose work can be found on Absolut Art, also has a line of phone cases coming out with Fifth & Ninth. And she recently did some package design for Kate Somerville that can be found in Sephora. Forerunners such as René Gruau and David Downton, as well as Isaac Mizrahi’s illustrations are among her favorites. “Fashion illustration offers a new way to look at collections even if it’s current runways,” Getrost said…… READ MORE AT Women’s Wear Daily- http://wwd.com/.


To shop the Jeanette Getrost x Fifth & Ninth iPhone case collection, click the link here.

Spotlight on: Bryce McGillivray

It’s every Rhode Island born fashionista’s dream. Graduate from the University of Rhode Island with your first textile kit in hand, pack your bags, and head to the big city. That’s exactly what our Creative Director, Bryce McGillivray, did when she graduated in 2014. However, Bryce’s dream was completely revamped once she experienced New York first hand.

Following her graduation, Bryce took a bold step and took on an unpaid internship at Bismark Phillips Communications and Media, a PR agency that represents some of the most famous names in the fashion industry. With the experience she gained, a door was then opened for her as an Executive Assistant for Kelly Cutrone, who gained her fame being a public relations mogul in NYC. Although the experience was incredible, it gave Bryce a new mindset to realize her heart belonged home. “These two experiences gave me a very clear understanding of how tough the fashion industry is, and it wasn’t necessarily what I had set out in the beginning”, Bryce explained.

Returning home to Rhode Island, Bryce reconsidered where she wanted to take her career. After reconnecting with Mark Mesrobian, the Executive Vice President of Fifth & Ninth’s parent company, Complete Sourcing Solutions, she accepted a position as the social media and marketing coordinator.

As the saying goes, you can take the fashionista out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the fashionista (or that’s how we say it here at F&N!). After working as the social media and marketing manager for a few months, Bryce’s passion for fashion and design was pushing her to accomplish more. She then developed into a Creative Director for a new in house brand, Fifth & Ninth. The name was inspired by the fashion garment district, “where trends are born.”

Given the freedom to let her creative side soar, Fifth & Ninth took off. In it’s most recent endeavor, F&N has partnered with several online celebrities and social media influencers, such as Smashbox Cosmetics Lip Editor in Chief, Vlada Haggerty, (you can purchase her case here!?) to create a line of cobranded iPhone cases. In the future, the company is looking to expand into lifestyle products such as sunglasses and watches.

Since launching the brand, Bryce has been passionate about providing internships to local Rhode Island girls so they can get industry experience in their own backyard. In addition, the company also took on eight extraordinary College Brand Ambassadors (stay tuned to read about the program)! Bryce’s advice to young female entrepreneurs is to “take the low paying job, the free internship, feel what it is like to be at the bottom and struggle.”

The sky’s the limit and the opportunities are endless when it comes to F&N’s future. Bryce has the vision to expand their tech accessories to more than just phone cases and beauty banks, potentially adding sunglasses, watches, handbags, and so on. Bryce is also newly engaged (???) so a wedding collection could potentially be on her mind.

Bryce does an exceptional job at representing the city in the Ocean State, by influencing girls to believe that you don’t have to be in New York to be successful in the fashion industry. For more behind the scenes about F&N, check out our article in the Providence Journal and Rhode Island Monthly. To keep up with our Creative Director Bryce, follow her blog Blonde in Boutins.

Xoxo, F&N Squad ?