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5 Beauty Tricks for Transitioning Out of Summer

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With September just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for fall! Personally, we’ve got pumpkin spiced lattes and cable-knit sweaters on our mind. But, before you jump into apple picking and hay rides, make sure to update your makeup for the new season! It’s important to transition your routine as the seasons change, so we created a list of five tips to get you ready for fall.


Get a new foundation

With the summer months comes warmth, sunshine, and tan skin! This means that the foundation you wore all year probably doesn’t match your skin tone anymore. So, it’s time to head over to Sephora and find your perfect match! Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than streaky foundation and a blunt line under your chin.

Change your blush

You’ve probably been rocking soft pink tones on your cheeks all summer long, which provided a stunning glow. As we transition into fall, however, it’s time to break out the warmer tones. Out with the pink and in with the mauve! These earthy tones will give off the perfect autumn vibes.


Switch up your eyeshadow routine

Similar to your blush tones, it’s time to make the eyeshadow switch, as well. Instead of those bright, vibrant summer colors, start thinking about neutrals and browns. These looks are simple, yet so stunning! Not to mention, they go with nearly any outfit, so you’ll never have to worry about color coordinating.

Swap out your lip shades

Lips are one of the most crucial aspects of your transition from summer to fall makeup, because they make such a statement. While your summer lip shades were vibrant and fun, you can have just as much fun with some vampy fall shades! When switching to deeper autumnal tones, definitely don’t be afraid to go bold.



Last but definitely not least… MOISTURIZE! It’s no secret that when the weather starts to cool down, the dryness sets in. And, no one likes to put a fresh face of makeup onto dry skin and lips! So, save yourself the trouble and make moisturizing a part of your daily routine. It’s as simple as carrying an EOS lip balm in your bag!

We hope you love these ideas for transitioning from summer to fall makeup!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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5 Products to Make Your Skincare Routine Easier

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5 Beauty Products that Make Following a Regime Tolderable

If you want to have healthy, radiant skin, but you’re not sure how, then this skincare routine for you! The truth is that it’s all about using the right products and maintaining a daily routine that works for you. We’ve tried countless different beauty products, and we’ve finally found our routine, so now we’re hear to help you find yours. Below is a few of our favorite products that make following a regime tolerable and worth it!

clinique makeup remover

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover 

The first step of any successful skin care routine is taking off the makeup that’s been resting on your face all day long. We all love to look our best, but I think we can also agree that there’s no better feeling that a fresh face at the end of a long day. We absolutely love this best-selling makeup remover, Take the Day Off Makeup Remover, by Clinique! It’s perfect for sensitive skin because it’s non-irritating and non-stinging, but it still gets the job done! Not to mention, it’s oil-free, fragrance-free, and super reasonably priced!

Shop Clinique

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier is one of our favorite brands for skin care products, so of course we included the Milky Jelly Cleanser in our regime! This is truly the ultimate everyday face wash, because it can be used on both wet and dry skin. The formula contains five different skin conditioners, so it’s perfect if you want to have soft, healthy skin! Our favorite little fact about this Glossier product is that it cleans your face with the same ingredients found in contact lense solution, meaning that it’s even safe to use around your eyes!

glossier facial cleanser
Shop Glossier
glamglow mud mask

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Activated Charcoal Treatment 

If you know anything about beauty products, then you’ve probably heard of the infamous GLAMGLOW. This stuff is no joke, ladies. While most face masks claim to remove the toxins from your skin, this mask promises to make you look and feel better about your skin after just a few uses. While GLAMGLOW makes several masks, this one is our favorite because the charcoal pulls all of the dirt and grime from your pores instantly. Once you go GLAMGLOW, you never go back.


Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

We know what you’re thinking… does toner actually do anything? The answer is YES (if you have the right toner). We love this rose toner made by Fresh, because the rosewater ingredient helps to the soothe the skin while the oil extracts from the flower work to nourish the skin. Basically, this product can be used after washing your face to remove any leftover impurities from the surface of the skin. After using this, you’ll feel lighter, smoother, and you’ll even smell good!

fresh rose toner
Shop Fresh
mario badescu moisturizer

Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer

Last, but definitely not least… moisturizer! This is the final step to any skin care regime, and probably our favorite. There’s seriously no better feeling than rubbing lotion on your face right before bed. So, we wanted to share with you our favorite moisturizer by none other than Mario Badescu. We love this one because it’s oil-free, lightweight, and perfect for nearly every type of skin! Some moisturizers are so heavy that they do more harm than good, but this one hydrates without clogging your pores, so it’s the best of both worlds! Mario Badescu also sells moisturizers with vitamin supplements if you need a little something extra!

Shop Mario Badescu

F&N Beauty Bank

Now that we’ve shared our favorite beauty products with you, we thought we’d throw in one last product that will help you look and feel your best: the Beauty Bank, of course! The beauty bank is an illuminated compact mirror that also serves as a portable charger. It fits right in your purse so you can use it while you’re out and about. You can find this product on our website by clicking the button below!

rose gold beauty bank fifth and ninth iphone charger
fifth and ninth iphone cases beauty bank portable charger
fifth and ninth beauty bank portable charger rose gold
Shop Our Beauty Banks

We hope you love these products as much as we do and they help improve your daily skincare routine!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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Ultimate Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Galentines Day Collage 300x300

Your girls are the ones who have been there for you through every relationship, fight, and breakup, so you can’t forget about them during Valentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is real! Use this time to remind them just how special and loved they really are! Now, you might be thinking, what am I supposed to buy my “galentine”?! Look no further, we’ve put together the Ultimate Galentine’s Day Gift Guide just for you! Click the titles and photos for links to the products!

SWIG Stemless Wine Cup in Rose Gold


We love this stemless wine glass because it’s the perfect combo of practical and stylish! Plus, the rose gold color makes it the perfect accessory and prop for your insta post!

“Cuddle Up” Faux Fur Heart Accent Pillow


If you’re looking for a cute, subtle way to decorate your room for V-Day, we’ve found the perfect accent pillow for you! Not to mention, the faux fur makes it super cozy!

Slipsilk Red Kisses Pure Silk Sleep Mask


What’s better than the gift of sleep? Your BFF will absolutely love this silk sleep mask that’s covered in kisses, especially for traveling and napping on long days!

No Bad Days 17 Month Medium Agenda


Every girl boss needs an agenda to keep their busy life under control! This 17 month agenda will help her stay organized while she conquers each day! Encourage the #girlboss in your life to have “no bad days”!

KYLIE Case by Fifth & Ninth


Our phones are one of the few things we use every single day! So, don’t let your BFF walk around with a boring one! Shop Fifth & Ninth for the hottest phone cases that she’s sure to love! This KYLIE case is the perfect v-day touch!

Live What You Love Rose Gold MantraBand


Sometimes in life, we all need a little encouragement. This bangle will remind your “galentine” to create a life of love, while also being the perfect accessory for almost any outfit! (We’re obsessed with rose gold, if you couldn’t tell)

UGG Pom Fleece Slipper Socks in Pearl


If you’re anything like us, you love to be cozy, and chances are, your galentine does, too! Get her these fleece slipper socks so she can cuddle up with a good book and a glass of wine… Happy V-day!

Fifth & Ninth Beauty Bank – Rose


Perfect for the on-the-go girl who wants to stay pretty and powered throughout the day, this beauty bank will be the gift of the year! Your BFF will never have a dead phone or bad hair day ever again with this compact mirror that serves as a portable charger!

Sugarfina “Olive You” Martini Olive Almonds


If your galentine has a sweet tooth, gift her these cute candies from sugarfina! They’re the perfect way to show a little bit of love this season!

Giant Rose Bombshell LUSH Bath Bomb


For the girl who loves baths, go above and beyond with this giant rose bath bomb. All of LUSH’s ingredients are organic and natural, making this the most relaxing, thoughtful gift of them all!

We hope you loved these cute little gift ideas as much as we did!

XOXO, The Squad at Fifth & Ninth

Joanna Vongphuomy “Fallspiration”

Joanna Vongphuomy

We’re falling into Autumn with Joanna Vongphuomy!

The story behind the phone case

“Keep it simple and classy, yet different and bold; that’s the motto I go by when it comes to fashion, and it was the motto I went by when designing this phone case. Free handing the design, I specifically drew a peony flower because it symbolizes honor, compassion, romance, and beauty. The vines surrounding the peony symbolize strength to move forward. Vines have the ability to grow in any environment and in order for them to survive they will go through any cracked space to reach the light. They never stop fighting. Choose to see the beauty and elegance in everything and everyone that surrounds you. Now, take a second look at this case and tell me what you see.”

-Joanna Vongphoumy

Pumpkin spice season has arrived, and we can’t wait to break out the sweaters and booties. We paired up with Joanna Vongphuong to give you some Fallspiration!

Cozy up with your oversized sweater, a pair of jeans, and your fave black booties. Match your Jvongphuomy case to add a personal flare to your look.

Pick up a pair of light washed distressed jeans and a fun, sheer crop top. Top if off with a leather jacket, and your Jvonphuomy phone case, of course.

This phone case is a necessity if you have a pair of knee high boots this fall! Complete the look with a fall colored skirt and a cozy scarf.

You can never go wrong pairing up a beanie with a flannel! Add some autumn flare to the look by adding a maroon long sleeve and the Jvongphuomy phone case.

When in doubt, layer it out! This phone case is the perfect last layer after a striped long sleeved, a scarf, and a jacket.

Here at Fifth & Ninth, we absolutely adore Joanna. Currently, she is a make up and henna artist based out of Providence, RI.