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5 Ted Baker Cases You Need For Spring

As everything begins to come back to life, we can’t get our minds off of spring fashion trends! Since spring obviously means lots of florals, we have the perfect brand for you! We’re obsessed with everything Ted Baker, especially their newest line of iPhone cases, which sends positive vibes just in time for spring. So, we decided to create a list of our favorite Ted Baker cases that are absolutely perfect for this season! Not to mention, you can click the buttons underneath each case to shop the product on our site!

Chatsworth Bloom

Firstly, this is arguably our favorite Ted Baker case of the season! Since the fresh, prim shades of the Chatsworth Bloom print are placed against an elegant grey backdrop, this Ted Baker iPhone 6/7/8 case takes its inspiration from the regal blossoms of Britain’s palace gardens, with a touch of contemporary drama.

Also, its wrap around design provides optimum protection. Due to the statement floral design, this luxurious iPhone case is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons!

Shop Chatsworth Bloom

Palace Gardens

Another case we love is the Palace Gardens case, which takes its inspiration from by the glorious mix of geometric chevrons and blooming florals found in Britain’s regal Palace Gardens, and exudes graceful elegance with a distinctly contemporary twist!

Due to its all-encompassing folio design, opulent print, and gorgeous rose gold accents, this enchanting iPhone case will add a wonderfully stylish touch of luxe to your iPhone, while also optimizing functionality!

Shop Palace Gardens

Chelsea Grey

We love this case because its pastel pink shades are absolutely perfect for spring! Not to mention, the pop of magenta in the center each flower adds a vibrant energy to an otherwise muted design.

Also, the soft-feel hard shell cover encases your iPhone with an electroplated back shell so it provides optimal protection for your iPhone – wherever you may roam with it! Most of all, our favorite feature is the soft-feel surface that demands to be touched! Also, a signature rose gold branding plate provides the finishing touch.

Shop Chelsea Grey

Rose Gold

Inspired by the graceful elegance and endless luxury of Britain’s grandiose palaces and regal gardens, this Ted Baker Rose Gold Apple iPhone 6/7/ 8 case brings together both tradition and luxury in the trendiest way possible! Due to its functional design, this case is going to become your most used accessory!

Furthermore, this case sports a simple clip on design for the perfect fit, a hard shell for ultimate protection, and illustrious rose gold tones, this sumptuous iPhone case will add a stylish yet functional layer to your iPhone! Finally, with the convenient card slot on the back, you’ll never need to carry a wallet again!

Shop Rose Gold

Cat Folio

Finally, we think this Ted Baker case is the absolute cutest! We especially love how the design is etched into the case, creating a subtle and delicate design.

Furthermore, a sleeping cat graces this scuff-proof iPhone case, which also features a built-in compact mirror for easy touch-ups on the go! Consequently, this case is a must-have for girl bosses everywhere!

Shop Cat Folio

In conclusion, we hope you love these Ted Baker cases as much as we do!


The Fifth & Ninth Squad!

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Spotlight on: Bryce McGillivray

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It’s every Rhode Island born fashionista’s dream. Graduate from the University of Rhode Island with your first textile kit in hand, pack your bags, and head to the big city. That’s exactly what our Creative Director, Bryce McGillivray, did when she graduated in 2014. However, Bryce’s dream was completely revamped once she experienced New York first hand.

Following her graduation, Bryce took a bold step and took on an unpaid internship at Bismark Phillips Communications and Media, a PR agency that represents some of the most famous names in the fashion industry. With the experience she gained, a door was then opened for her as an Executive Assistant for Kelly Cutrone, who gained her fame being a public relations mogul in NYC. Although the experience was incredible, it gave Bryce a new mindset to realize her heart belonged home. “These two experiences gave me a very clear understanding of how tough the fashion industry is, and it wasn’t necessarily what I had set out in the beginning”, Bryce explained.

Returning home to Rhode Island, Bryce reconsidered where she wanted to take her career. After reconnecting with Mark Mesrobian, the Executive Vice President of Fifth & Ninth’s parent company, Complete Sourcing Solutions, she accepted a position as the social media and marketing coordinator.

As the saying goes, you can take the fashionista out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the fashionista (or that’s how we say it here at F&N!). After working as the social media and marketing manager for a few months, Bryce’s passion for fashion and design was pushing her to accomplish more. She then developed into a Creative Director for a new in house brand, Fifth & Ninth. The name was inspired by the fashion garment district, “where trends are born.”

Given the freedom to let her creative side soar, Fifth & Ninth took off. In it’s most recent endeavor, F&N has partnered with several online celebrities and social media influencers, such as Smashbox Cosmetics Lip Editor in Chief, Vlada Haggerty, (you can purchase her case here!?) to create a line of cobranded iPhone cases. In the future, the company is looking to expand into lifestyle products such as sunglasses and watches.

Since launching the brand, Bryce has been passionate about providing internships to local Rhode Island girls so they can get industry experience in their own backyard. In addition, the company also took on eight extraordinary College Brand Ambassadors (stay tuned to read about the program)! Bryce’s advice to young female entrepreneurs is to “take the low paying job, the free internship, feel what it is like to be at the bottom and struggle.”

The sky’s the limit and the opportunities are endless when it comes to F&N’s future. Bryce has the vision to expand their tech accessories to more than just phone cases and beauty banks, potentially adding sunglasses, watches, handbags, and so on. Bryce is also newly engaged (???) so a wedding collection could potentially be on her mind.

Bryce does an exceptional job at representing the city in the Ocean State, by influencing girls to believe that you don’t have to be in New York to be successful in the fashion industry. For more behind the scenes about F&N, check out our article in the Providence Journal and Rhode Island Monthly. To keep up with our Creative Director Bryce, follow her blog Blonde in Boutins.

Xoxo, F&N Squad ?