Touché LA x FN is here!

About the collaborator

“Inspired by the beauty of sport & the power of intelligent design…Touché is the next step in the evolution of fashion for women. Jaynee and Karl Singer, founders of Touché LA, spearheaded the revolutionary development of multiple active-wear brands that are now some of the dominant brands in the active-wear space. Touché’s vision is to fuse functional workout wear with ready-to-wear fashion.”

– We are Touché LA

Happy, Healthy, & Hot!

These are the three main things that every fashionista aims to be in life. Although we admit it can be challenging to be all three, we’ve made it a little bit easier for you by pairing up with the California based brand Touchè LA! Here are some tips to help you stay styling & thriving this season!

Wake yourself up in the morning with a quick exercise routine to get energized! Feeling energized will boost your mood & help you conquer the day ahead of you. Here’s a perfect routine for a morning mood pick me up!


Staying healthy is the key to being the happiest version of yourself, and eating right is crucial! Our fave healthy meal is açaí bowls! We’ve included our recipe, but feel free to customize it!

2 tablespoons frozen Acai Berry Packs OR 4 Acai Berry Powder*

1 cup coconut milk or your favorite milk

2 cups fresh or frozen strawberries

1/2 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

2 super ripe bananas

2 tablespoons nut butter (We use peanut butter!)

1 tablespoon honey


Run the frozen acai berry packs under hot water and then squeeze them out into a blender. To the blender, add the coconut milk, berries, bananas, honey, peanut butter and vanilla. Blend until completely smooth. Pour the smoothie into a bowl. Top with your desired toppings like cherries, berries, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, a spoonful or peanut butter butter and a drizzle of honey.

Another necessary feature to every girl’s life is staying hot! Knowing what’s hot, what’s trendy, & what’s in style is a major key to feeling and looking your best. Our new collaboration cases match PERFECT with Touchè LA’s bra & leggings sets!

Touché LA’s black set is a perfect match for our new Red “Kiss my Touchè” case to stay sassy & stylin while working out.

Stay fiery with a Red matching bra & legging set and the blue “Kiss my Touchè” case.

Go for a softer look and match our pink “Kiss my Touchè” case with a navy set.

Spice up a neutral bra & leggings set with a fiery red “Kiss my Touchè” case.

Keep it pastel & pretty with our blue “Kiss my Touchè” case & a gray matching set.

Be sure to keep up with the F&N squad gossip & Touchè LA! To order your new “Kiss my Touchè” phone case, click here!

Kiss my Touche

xoxo, F&N Squad