Turn up the heat in your one-piece this summer!

Turn up the heat in your one-piece this summer!

Tis the season to spend all your money on bathing suits, at least for me anyways. If you’re bathing suit shopping for summer 17’ you may want to consider adding a surprising staple to your bathing suit collection! Get ready to upgrade from your typical bikini and hop on board with the one-piece craze. Lucky for you, you’re just in time to be a trendsetter yourself this season!

Where did the look come from?

In the words of Justin Timberlake “what goes around comes back around” and the same goes for the one-piece trend making a return from the 80s! In the past the one-piece was labeled as a mom suit, which is ironic because now they’re sexier than ever. From Pamela Anderson with her revealing red one-piece in Baywatch, to the infamous red bathing suit giveaway on Instagram this style bathing suit has made its comeback!

Pamela Anderson

The one-piece is back and better than ever! It’s the trend of the summer so don’t be afraid to take the risk. The best part about this style is that EVERYONE can pull it off! There’s so many different variations and cuts of this suit to fit every body type and preference. Everybody loves them for the super high cut legs that give you Kardashian curves and the deep V-necks that accentuate your cleavage. Whoever says one-pieces aren’t sexy, they are WRONG.

What’s the catch?

I’m always looking out for my girls so I will warn you- beware of the nip slips and uneven tan lines! However, the embarrassment is worth how figure flattering and body shaping this style is. The one-piece exposes everything us ladies want to show off and hides all the things we may not want to as much.
Where can I get mine?

Just because you’ll be looking like a million dollars in your suit, doesn’t mean you have to spend that to get the look. If you’re ready to join the trend and make a statement but worried about breaking the bank for the perfect one-piece, I’ve got you covered! These are some of our favorite places to find trendy yet affordable one-pieces:

What’s in our beach bag?

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